Woodcraft Hospitality Reveals Contest Winners

Woodcraft Hospitality, a leading hospitality casegood manufacturer, is pleased to reveal the winners of its first design contest, launched in September. The contest was launched at a time where designers have faced layoffs, reduced work or too much work due to layoff induced reductions. Many contestants, in their contest feedback, seem to appreciate an opportunity the contest provided them to keep their creative juices flowing, while opening an avenue to gain a financial reward. To many, it was also an opportunity to craft designs with a new element of concern that we face as designers, hotel operators and travelers and that is of the virus.

Several of the designs addressed the virus head-on while others made implicit connections to what guestroom considerations may involve in the near future.  “The level of creativity and thoughtfulness was inspiring to me as I reviewed the designs and tried to imagine the design journey that brought them to their final destination. Clearly, we had participation from a very talented group of designers and took the contest very seriously. It was not an easy job for the judges at all” said Woon Lee, president of Woodcraft Hospitality.

Woodcraft Hospitality is delighted to congratulate the top winners on their extraordinary designs as well as thank all other participants for submitting thoughtful and creative designs. The following are the top prize winners of Woodcraft Hospitality’s Design Contest 2020. Click on the links below to learn more about them, their winning design and the design inspiration:

1st prize of $5,000: Hannah Markham of Baskervill with her “Transcend” design

2nd prize of $2,000: Dana Wentley and Brian Fee of T-Squared Hospitality with their “Cynefin” design

3rd prize of $1,000: Ashley Narciso of Baskervill with her “Designing Past Devastation” design

Woodcraft Hospitality is showcasing the contest winners and contest judges on its website, https://designcontest.woodcrafthospitality.com/.  To learn more about Woodcraft Hospitality visit: https://woodcrafthospitality.com/.

Check out more coverage of the contest and winners in the Winter 2020 edition of InspireDesign.

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