Where would you go if you won the lottery?

Having cashed several millions after winning the Lotto, there are no limits as to places you can travel. With no costs weighing you down, you can explore as many places around the world. Pick a hint or two from these travel suggestions:

The Scottish Castle

Some of these tourist destinations are only seen in the movies, but this will no longer be the case as you can now visit Scotland to explore all the royal properties and scenic historic venues. From the beautiful west coast of Scotland to the picturesque countryside on Edinburgh to the storied shores on Loch Ness, there’s no limit as to places you could visit.

If looking to explore Scotland’s architectural prowess, visit the Grade A listed buildings. They showcase a mix of old-world interiors along with the stunning Regency architecture characterized by a medieval charm and antique pieces of furniture.

Cruise Expedition with the Luxurious Silversea World Cruise

Want to splurge more than $1.5 million? This 124-day cruise is an excellent experience to spend your cash. Six Star Cruise, a UK Company that organizes the trip, cite it is the most luxurious vacation and for a good reason.

First, a helicopter picks up the passengers from their homes to a London Airport. The visitors are treated to the most exceptional hospitality while in the air, including a rare tea that costs $3160 and Beluga Caviar that costs $6320.

Be ready to spend the next four months in the luxurious ship once aboard. The over 1000-square-foot ship boasts two-bedroom suites with marbled bathrooms, separate bars, and dining areas. Ports of calls are made in more than 25 countries, including Sri Lanka, Australia, Mauritius, Cameroon, Malaysia, among others.

A Trip to Antarctica

Still wondering what do I do if I won the lottery; a 24-hour trip to cold Antarctica should give you an enthralling lifetime experience. White, Desert the tours company organizing the trip provides private jet service to Antarctica from Cape Town.

The exclusive tour limits the number of guests per trip to 12. A jet flies the guests 2400 miles, landing on the icy runway where the sun shines for 24 hours continuously. Guests can choose between four packages depending on their budgets and availability.

This first package is called the Emperors and the South Pole, an eight-day trip that starts at Whichaway Camp. Guests get to visit the Emperor penguin colony en route the Geographic South Pole, the most southern point on earth.

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You can also choose a shorter four-day trip called the Ice and Mountains or a one-day trip known as the Greatest Day to Antarctica. The fourth package is a one-off trip that includes watching the film ‘A Beautiful Planet.’ During the movie, Terry Virts, a NASA Astronaut, narrates stories of his time as the International Space Station commander.

Spend a Vacation on a Private Island

Looking to calm your mind away from the hustle and bustle of life, a vacation on a private island is an excellent idea. The exclusive playgrounds, white sands, luxurious facilities, and tropical waters provide the ultimate escape for someone who just won the lottery.

The Velaa Private Island located in the Maldives with modern overwater villas and the Brando, which is located on French Polynesia are some stunning islands you should consider visiting. If looking for total exclusivity, Sir Richard Branson private island is another great hideout.

A Luxurious Train Ride on the Pride of Africa

Take a voyage on the luxurious South African train. It takes you back to the ancient days of rail travel thanks to the classy wood-paneled suites on the train that ooze colonial glamour. You will find a range of private lounge areas, a first-class hotel room, beautiful Victorian baths, and fully-stocked minibars.

The meals are made from fresh local produce and served with wines made from the vast South African vineyards. It would help if you went for the three-day journey from Pretoria to Cape Town to explore the ancient Victorian villages, diamond towns and see some indigenous African animals. 

Design a Multi-million Yacht

You can also take a trip on a fully-customized yacht. With just $13 million, Dynamiq, a Monaco yacht company, is allowing people to design a luxurious yacht at the comfort of their homes. Customers can customize the interior of the yacht, i.e. choose the fabric of the seating, color of the hull and electronics, as well as the type of railing online.

The company provides two design styles: a 130-foot GTT Yacht that can accommodate up to five guests and a 115-foot GTT Yacht for six guests. The former is suitable for cruising the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asian Islands. The yacht arrives 15 months after making an order.

Customizable Private Jet Experience

You will find first-class flights overrated when you fly on a Crystal Air Cruise. The company has the largest private jet flying guests around the world. What’s more, you can ask the company to customize the company’s Boeing 777 to enjoy an exclusive private jet experience. The plane makes several stops in cities around the world, including Tokyo, Paris, Manilla, Shanghai, and Los Angeles.

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