Web Exclusive: Canyon Madness Ranch satisfies the adventurous spirit

Canyon Madness Ranch is now open in Roy, NM, offering guests a respite from city and suburban life, but also a chance to challenge themselves physically.

Set on 14,000 acres of outdoor adventure space, the ranch offers equestrian pursuits, firearm-related sports and wilderness activities, ranging from archery to hiking to river kayaking, among others.

“In normal life’s circumstances, some are never exposed to the breathtaking nature’s wonder that Canyon Madness Ranch provides,” said Dennis Law, owner, Canyon Madness Ranch. “The recreational activities offered are totally impractical or impossible to experience in the city or the suburbs. Even people that live far away from cities rarely can enjoy Canyon Madness Ranch’s unique kind of natural wonder and majesty of the great outdoors. When one deals with modern or high-tech living most of the time, the opportunity to return to a sort of 19th-century natural environment while enjoying modern living amenities seems to be a diversion that is sorely needed. Indeed, it can be a refreshing and rejuvenating change of pace.”

Welcoming just 16 guests to its intimate space, Canyon Madness Ranch meets a major need right now: a back-to-nature escape with modern comforts.

“I was initially looking for a scenic ranch property to use as a future safe haven for my family—a large place that has the potential to be self-sufficient in times of world disasters,” Law recalled. “After I was shown the 14,000 acres that ultimately became Canyon Madness Ranch, I was overwhelmed by the thought that only America allows one to own property of this natural splendor in perpetuity. As I planned to build a lodge for personal use only, it seemed wasteful to move ahead with this complicated and expensive construction only for occasional personal use. So, there was a change in direction when I decided to make it a boutique luxury vacation ranch so that more people can enjoy this natural wonderland.”

The new main house of the property, Teepee Lodge, was designed by Mexican Baja architect Alejandro Uribe, known for luxury and resort residences in Cabo San Lucas. The lodge has twin teepee-shaped peaks over an 18,000 sq. ft. structure of indoor lodging and two levels of metal-alloy decks.

“The sheer size of the Canyon Madness Ranch property and its geography of having the center of activity be flanked by two gorgeous canyons allow this vacation paradise to offer the kind of outdoor recreation totally impossible in most traditional hotels,” Law said.

In the Teepee Lodge, the structures are connected by a great room, while the second-floor deck has pool, foosball and air hockey tables and lounging areas. Additionally, there are eight suites that offer private living rooms, ensuite baths and sliding doors with balconies offering river canyon views.

Other lodge amenities include the owner’s private gun and art collection with paintings, sculptures and artifacts from international artists.

“This boutique ‘hotel’ is specifically designed to offer the outdoors as its most important amenity,” Law said. “This ‘hotel’ offers the most ambitious and exciting outdoor adventures while guests enjoy modern conveniences and amenities. When the world seems to be embroiled in more and more turmoil and instability, an escape to more primitive beauty and tranquility while not sacrificing luxury is much needed.”

Law noted that the ideal Canyon Madness Ranch guest is one who is tired of the “same old” with an adventuresome spirit. Offering more off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities, Canyon Madness Ranch may not be suitable for guests looking to shop, play tennis or golf or enjoy quiet fishing.

“This is a vacation that rejuvenates and exhilarates the mind and spirit of people whose lives are immersed in the rigors of contemporary life and struggling with uncertain challenges of a digitized lifestyle,” he said.

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