UniFocus acquires Knowcross

UniFocus, a provider of workforce management systems, has acquired Knowcross, a provider of task management and operational optimization software for the hospitality industry.

The merging of the two organizations’ technologies under the UniFocus umbrella is set to provide service business operators a single, streamlined solution for determining the real-time labor needs of their business while ensuring timely service completion for maximum operational efficiency across each of their various departments, the company reports.

In addition to bringing together the platforms, UniFocus and Knowcross will be infused with capital via Riverside to build an ecosystem that meets industry needs in a post-pandemic world.

“UniFocus’ roots are in labor scheduling, demand forecasting and time & attendance,” said Mark Heymann, CEO, UniFocus. “Expanding our platform further into operations management was the natural next step. Knowcross has a best-in-class suite of task management tools, and we are excited by the power and insights that will come from the countless opportunities to integrate our technologies. Together, our platforms will boost managers’ decision making by integrating data from forecasting, scheduling, task execution, as well as guest and employee satisfaction in one ecosystem.”

UniFocus and Knowcross share a vision on each company’s roadmap and see this move as a way to accelerate both teams‘ plans for innovation and reaching new markets. With complementary geographic presences, the combined result is a truly global presence to deliver all solutions around the world.

“Our roadmap and customer requests were leading us into the labor management and time and attendance space,” said Nikhil Nath, CEO/founder, Knowcross. “As we explored our opportunities, the merits of joining forces with an industry leading platform was so compelling that it was an obvious choice to integrate the UniFocus and Knowcross platforms. The opportunities afforded by combined entities are quite phenomenal. We are looking forward to delivering a comprehensive workforce management system that was specifically designed for the service industry to our clients.”

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