Tripadvisor and Reckitt partner

Tripadvisor and Reckitt, the makers of Lysol, have entered into a new partnership initiative aiming to help the nearly eight million tourism and hospitality businesses listed on Tripadvisor, prepare for the post-pandemic travel surge and help rebuild traveler confidence in the disinfection of these businesses.

As a result of the pandemic, cleanliness has become one of the highest concerns for consumers. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. travelers stated that businesses having measures in place, such as enhanced cleaning, is now more important to them when making travel decisions, compared to the trips they took before the pandemic.

“Throughout this pandemic, our research has shown that the safety and cleanliness is a critical factor for consumers as they get back to dining and traveling,” said Christine Maguire, GM/VP global media business at Tripadvisor. “By evangelizing this consumer insight to our trusted partners like Lysol, we hoped to support millions of travel and hospitality businesses looking for guidance. We will connect business owners to Lysol’s expertise and valued advice—in turn educating business on how to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and at the same time, helping our consumers feel safe to travel and dine out again.”

The key components of this partnership include the creation and dissemination of science-backed industry advice designed to educate accommodation providers and restaurants on best practices within their environments, as well as the distribution of specially designed Lysol Disinfection and Sanitization Kits via an e-commerce portal.

“We share a common vision with Tripadvisor—to educate and inform businesses on advanced disinfection protocols that will help renew traveler confidence,” said E. Yuri Hermida, EVP of North America hygiene for Reckitt. “Lysol and Tripadvisor are both committed to supporting business owners and travelers through these challenging times which is why we’re delighted to announce this new partnership.”

Leveraging Tripadvisor’s network of business owners, Tripadvisor will promote the Lysol Disinfection and Sanitization Kits to businesses who need them the most. There are five different types of Lysol Disinfection and Sanitization Kits available designed to meet a variety of business and consumer needs—Restroom Rescue, Disinfect & Protect, Germ Busters, Lysol on the Go Starter Pack and Lysol on the Go Large Pack. Some of the products included in these kits include, for example, Lysol Disinfecting Spray, Lysol Wipes and Professional Lysol—Advanced Deep Clean All Purpose Cleaner.

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