Rosewood takes guests on Journey to Resilience

With the current world situation, people are looking for new ways to relax and cover. To help their guest do just this, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has launched Journey to Resilience, a new wellness retreat concept designed to help guests deal with the times.

The retreats focus on four main behavioral elements to resilience—positivism, purpose, resourcefulness and compassion, through practices that take individuals on a journey to rediscover one’s life and attain emotional, physical and mental balance.

“In recognizing the unprecedented challenges individuals across the globe have faced over the past year, we wanted to create a thoughtful retreat program to enhance one’s ability to recover from or adapt easily to change,” said Niamh O’Connell, group VP of wellness & brand experience at Rosewood Hotel Group. “Something that has become very clear throughout the course of the pandemic is that we as individuals and a community must be resilient and make the most of our situations and maintain a forward-thinking attitude. Our Journey to Resilience retreats are created to address all aspects of well-being, including physical, emotional and mindful, in order to provide the tools and support individuals need to combat stress and rising levels of anxiety that can occur.”

In keeping with Rosewood’s A Sense of Place philosophy, wherein the sensibilities of a destination are woven into the identity of the respective property, each retreat will incorporate practices reflective of local wellness traditions and natural surroundings. “My team and I worked in tandem with the spa and wellness directors at each of the fourteen participating properties to create programming that is unique to each destination, but still supports the four main behavioral elements to resilience, which includes positivism, purpose, resourcefulness and compassion,” O’Connell said. “It was incredibly important that each retreat follow our guiding A Sense of Place philosophy, taking inspiration from local wellness traditions and paying respect to the natural surroundings. From the British Virgin Islands, where guests can enjoy sunrise mediation at The Baths, to Cambodia, where participants go on a mindful walk and receive a monk blessing at the city’s tallest religious structure, guests partake in programs that embrace the local traditions and landmarks and are reflective of the traditional therapies of the area.”

The Journey to Resilience experiences provide a truly holistic approach, encouraging guests to let go of lifestyle habits, thoughts and behaviors which no longer have a positive impact. Through fitness, nutrition and other well-being therapies, the practices will empower individuals to face life’s challenges with confidence and adaptability, and ultimately establish a deep inner equilibrium.

“Positivism, purpose, resourcefulness and compassion are the four essential behavioral elements to resilience, supported by the developmental pillars of physical, emotional and mental wellness,” said O’Connell. “Our programs address each of these pillars with a holistic approach so that guests can rediscover the essential elements of resilience in their own lives.”

One of the resorts, Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, CA,  partnered with health specialist Stacy J. Shymansky to create a comprehensive retreat including a sleep rejuvenation program to nourish the body, an aromatherapy session to engage guests emotionally and a silent mind yoga and meditation exercise to promote mental well-being.

“Another example comes from Asaya Hong Kong, an urban outpost of our integrated wellness concept, which is offering personalized programming based on assessments and consultations to empower participants to let go of past lifestyle habits, thoughts and behaviors,” O’Connell said. “Programs include the active isolated stretching to heighten physical well-being, cognitive behavioral therapy to help balance emotions and a stress and sleep management training to assist in putting the mind at ease.”

The retreats have been very well received by guests and participants in the programs. “This is the result of individuals realizing the importance of physical and mental health in response to the pandemic,” O’Connell noted. “People are shifting their priorities and seek new ways to adapt to the challenges they have been facing. Not only do we believe this trend will continue but increase too as people create a new normal that focuses on what is truly valuable and important in life.”

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