Molton Brown launches sustainability program for hotels

LONDON—Since 1971, Molton Brown bath products have not only celebrated luxury, but care for the world. The company was one of the first in the U.K. to refrain from animal testing and has been certified cruelty-free since 2012. Currently 100% vegetarian, Molton Brown plans on being 100% vegan by 2022.

And now, with sustainability efforts guiding bath ingredients, the company is making strides in its hospitality products. The majority of palm oil used in Molton Brown products is already traceable and responsibly sourced, and the company expects to use 100% sustainably sourced palm oil by the end of 2023.

“Our biggest focus for the year ahead is on sustainability,” said Martina Halbritter, associate director for hotels, Molton Brown. “Testament to this is Molton Brown’s dispensing program. Our current assortment includes single, double and triple dispensers from our LC1 collections, single and double dispensers from the 1971 collection and Porcelain Decanters. They can be replenished with five-liter refills to limit the need for single-use plastic bottles.”

She continued, “As part of our ever-evolving sustainability journey, we will take that a step further with a new program to be rolled out later this year. Available worldwide as of November 2020, our new Bespoke Dispenser will be made of a durable material, which will eliminate the need for single-use plastic. The new Bespoke Dispenser channels our spherical design to house 350-ml. formulas from our iconic bath, body and haircare collections. It cannot be opened or removed by your guests, ensuring the highest-quality experiences and hygiene standards. It helps erase waste, excess spending and supports your conscious care for the world around you.”

To further reduce the impact on the environment, Molton Brown has formulated its products to be microbead-free since 2017, using more planet-friendly, natural alternatives like olive stones, black peppercorn and volcanic sand to exfoliate skin.

“We strive to take an ethical approach with everything we do,” Halbritter said. “Since 2016, our factory has been powered by renewable electricity, while 97% of its waste is recycled, with an ambition to reach 100% by 2025. By this time, we also have plans to be net carbon neutral and have zero landfill waste—and these are just some of the projects we have in the pipeline. We know that a luxury brand must offer more than just a premium experience. Today’s consumers want to know that brands’ morals and beliefs reflect their own and that is particularly true with younger guests. An early pioneer in positive luxury, we will never stop striving to follow the example set by our founders.”

Molton Brown provides hotels across the globe with customer bases in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and in Asia. Its hotel partners can choose from three crafted ranges: its Luxury Collections One and Two and its 1971 Collection, which is specially created for the modern globetrotter, Halbritter explained.

“Our collections are also enhanced with luxury soaps, accessories, candles, fine liquid hand washes, skincare products and a Turndown Collection of fragrances, bath salts and hand creams. These mean that Molton Brown can help provide luxury for guests in any situation,” she said.

Additionally, Molton Brown offers a signature array of services tailored to each hotel.

“Travelers and hotel guests want a luxury feel and experience, whether they are on holiday or on a business trip,” Halbritter said. “On top of that, we are seeing a growing demand for sustainable and natural products and ingredients. Circular economy is another key trend: refillable and sustainable beauty is at the forefront of change in the industry. Guests want brands that reflect their own morals and care for the world, but which also provide a luxury feel of being somewhere special.”

Molton Brown also continues to offer smaller-sized amenities for guests who prefer an even more conscious lifestyle. According to Halbritter, Molton Brown will extend its 50% recycled PET 300-ml. bottles to smaller sizes in 2021.

Concerns are extending far beyond sustainability as well, with an increased focus on sanitation and safety given the current global climate.

Concerns over hygiene and contamination will be a growing issue following the COVID-19 outbreak,” Halbritter said. “We believe our improved dispensing program and hygiene guidelines will be instrumental in helping to ease the minds of both guests and hotel partners.”

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