Knowland: U.S. meetings and events data trending up for February

February U.S. group meetings volume increased 109.7% over the previous month, according to data released by Knowland.

“February realized significant growth across all markets,” said Kristi White, VP, product management at Knowland. “While in January, the most significant growth was in the top 25 markets—this month, we saw that growth extends across secondary and tertiary markets as well. Even areas still under restrictions are beginning to see smaller meetings return to the market. These are all positive signs and should continue to grow as the year progresses and more of the populace is vaccinated.”

February picked up nicely with consistent growth each week. Even with a few key markets still constrained due to COVID restrictions, meetings are growing across the country. Average attendees remained stable—the average number of attendees in February 2021 was 39 compared to 39 in February 2020.

Average square footage used increased. The average space used in February 2021 was 1,560 sq. ft. while meetings in February 2020 averaged 1,300 sq. ft.

For this month, the top five growth markets were Daytona Beach, FL; Boston; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia; and Milwaukee.

Corporate meetings represent the largest market segment. They produced most of the activity, accounting for 61.9% of total meetings for the month.

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