It’s a new year, so bring it on!

So, I’m sure your inbox—and maybe even your mailbox—was filled with messages of cheer and wishes for happy holidays and a wonderful and healthy new year. My email was full with end-of-the-year well-wishes—and I even received a few handwritten cards, which I always love. Among the many that crossed my desk in one form or another, I must say, one really stood out and, more than that, stayed with me. And that’s why I’m sharing it now.

It was from Hemsworth Communications. It was simple in its design and message, but I flagged this email because, to me, it captures a sentiment I’m feeling and I suspect you may be feeling, too. The words “Happy 2020” were crossed out, followed by the descriptor “unprecedented times.” Then a strikethrough on Happy 2021, followed by “a new normal.” The final wish said, appropriately so, “Happy 2022—bring it on!” The message was: “You know what they say: The third time is a charm.”

Bring it on. I love the spirit of defiance and optimism all rolled into one as we tackle another year in a string of ones that have been anything but ordinary.

And that’s what we’re doing. And what this industry has always been good at. Facing challenge and turning it into opportunity. At Hotel Business, we’re “bringing it on” with a new look and feel to both our print and digital products. Same mission and mantra—Hotel Business will continue to be the leading industry resource our readers and advertisers rely on for breaking stories, deep dives and industry exclusives—but we’re bringing all of that, and more, to you in a different, and we think, improved package. This year marks our 30th anniversary, and what a way to celebrate and commemorate it.

From updated fonts and modern aesthetics to, perhaps most notably, a new logo, the streamlined approach to our delivery is reader-friendly, easy to digest and current, yet timeless. (Can you tell I love it?) And our digital products—website to mobile—have been updated and upgraded to provide you more robust content, better navigation so you can read industry-leading news and easily locate stories and resources, and improved access from any device so Hotel Business can continue to deliver on our promise to be everywhere and anywhere you are.

And, on that note, we will continue to be optimistic that you, we and, let’s face it, everyone in general, will be anywhere and everywhere, continuing to travel and experience all the great hotels our industry has to offer, despite some continuing challenges. We’re heading out very soon to ALIS with this issue. Hope to see you there! In the meantime, let me know what you think. It’s always a work in progress, so I’d love to get your feedback.

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