Is Bali In Thailand? Don’t Get Bali And Thailand Mixed Up!

Planning your holidays in Asia? Are you wondering, “Is Bali in Thailand“?

Bali and Thailand are two of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

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But while they both offer stunning scenery, vibrant cultures, and plenty of exciting activities to do, there is one key difference: Bali is not located in Thailand.

So if you’re planning your next vacation, make sure to remember that Bali isn’t part of Thailand—it’s its own unique destination with plenty to explore.

In this travel guide, we’ll talk about both Thailand and Bali.

Thailand beach

Is Bali A Part Of Thailand?

No, Bali is an independent island located in the country of Indonesia. Thailand is a separate country.

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Is Thailand A Part Of Bali?

No, Thailand is its own nation. Bali is an island in Indonesia. Indonesia is located in the Indian Ocean.

Is Bali In Asia?

Yes, Bali is a part of Southeast Asia. Bali is an island in Indonesia. Indonesia is located in Asia.

Is Thailand In Asia?

Yes, Thailand is located in the Southeast Asian region, which means it’s in Asia.

Is Bali A Country?

No, Bali is an island located in the country of Indonesia. Indonesia is a separate country to Thailand.

Is Thailand A Country?

Yes, Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. It has its own government and laws.

Where Is Bali?

Bali is an Indonesian island located in the Indian Ocean, just east of Java and west of Lombok. The main airport serving Bali is Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS).

Indonesia map

Where Is Thailand?

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. The main international airport for Thailand is Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok (BKK).

Thailand map

Map Of Bali And Thailand

Here’s a quick look at the geographical location of both Bali and Thailand:

Bali and Thailand on the map

As you can see, despite being close to one another, Bali and Thailand are definitely not the same. So make sure to book your flight tickets to the right place if you’re looking for a tropical getaway!

Are Bali And Thailand Similar?

Although they’re located close to each other, Bali and Thailand are quite different when it comes to their culture and attractions.

Thailand is known for its bustling metropolises and delicious street food, while Bali is known for its temples and surfing opportunities.

Both destinations offer plenty of things to do and see, so decide where you want to go based on which activities you’re looking for!

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Bali Temple next to the lake

How Far Is Bali From Thailand?

The flight time from Bangkok to Bali is around 4 hours.

So if you’re looking for flights between Bali and Thailand, you can easily find direct flights from Bangkok.

This makes it possible to visit both destinations during a single vacation, although you’ll need enough time to explore both places.

How Far Is Thailand From Bali?

The flight time from Bali to Thailand is around 4 hours. You’ll find direct flights from Denpasar Airport to Bankgok.

While Thailand and Bali are not that close geographically, they’re both popular tourist spots in Southeast Asia. So if you have enough time, why not explore both of them?

Final Verdict: Is Bali In Thailand?

No, Bali is an independent island located in Indonesia. Thailand is a separate country located in Southeast Asia.

So if you’re looking for a tropical holiday, make sure you know where to go — Bali or Thailand!

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