How To Become A Successful Copywriter

Thinking about becoming a copywriter? Copywriting is a popular digital nomad job and works perfectly for anyone who wants to work online or remotely. If you love writing and marketing, chances are that you’re going to love copywriting too.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what’s a copywriter, how you can get started with copywriting, and what you can expect money-wise.


What’s A Copywriter?

Let’s start by answering the following question: what is copywriting? Copywriting is basically writing for advertising/marketing purposes. The goal is to increase brand awareness and persuade people to get the product/to take action.

Copy is everywhere. When you write a social media caption, you’re writing copy. When you write a blog post, you’re writing copy. When you subscribe or buy a product, you were probably compelled by copy.

Good copy is usually persuasive. It’s going to urge you to do something. For example, good copy results in better conversion.

So, what exactly is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who is writing promotional content for websites, emails, magazines, ads, etc.

It’s basically selling with your words. And it’s usually a well-paid job. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pricing from other copywriters and try not to get a heart attack. Any good copywriters charge high amounts because a good copywriter will help you make even more money over time.

What’s The Difference Between A Content Writer And A Copywriter?

The copywriter tries to influence you to take action and to sell a product.

The content writer is basically creating content. It can be in a blog post form or in a review form. It can be about anything, really. It doesn’t have to serve a selling/action purpose. It can also be just very informative.

If you love to write, but you don’t have any marketing background, maybe content writing would be more appropriate for you.

How To Get Started As A Copywriter

Getting as a copywriter can be a long journey – especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. If you’re just starting out, make sure to read our interview with a copywriter on Nomad Life 101.

Wondering how to become a copywriter? Keep reading to learn more about copywriting especially if you don’t have experience. You’ll find information to land clients, and how to get into copywriting.

To become a good copywriter, you first need to understand the essence of copywriting and why people hire copywriters. Being a good writer doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at copywriting.

If you’re the kind of writer who can’t keep things simple and short… you might want to look into content writing instead.

Now, let’s see how you could become a freelance copywriter.

If you already have marketing or writing skills, it gives you an advantage. Although, you’re going to have to practice and build your portfolio. To become a good copywriter, you’ll have to write… and write more. Practice is everything when it comes to copywriting.

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are quite popular amongst freelancers. You might not find the most well-paid opportunity on these websites, but it’s a great way to get more experience as a copywriter. At first, you’re going to have to build a portfolio. So these websites are opportunities to build your portfolio quickly.

Alternatively, you can build your network via Facebook or Linkedin.


Becoming A Freelance Copywriter With No Experience

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There are different ways to learn a new skill. First, I’d suggest you get all the free information that is available out there. You can find free resources in different forms (blogs, videos, podcasts). Once, you’ve been through these free resources, then you can decide to invest money in a course or practice more.

I personally invested a big amount of money to learn copywriting. I invested in the Copy Cure – and it wasn’t cheap. Although, there are ways to learn about copywriting for free or at minimal costs. That said, I don’t have any marketing background, so I, sometimes, outsource work to a copywriter.

If you’re wondering how to learn copywriting so that you can practice before landing your first client, I’d suggest you practice by rewriting ads, websites (you can do so by using the Chrome extension “Edit Anything”), or social media captions.

When you’re happy with your copy, you can use it to build your portfolio.

Having a portfolio is important to land copywriting gigs, but you could always share your pieces over on Linkedin.


How Much Money Does A Copywriter Make?

It really depends on the projects and your level of experience.  The better you become, the higher your income. Of course, at the beginning of your copywriting journey, you won’t make as much as you will eventually.

A good copywriter can be paid multiple hundred dollars per day/per hour depending on their skill set and project.

Free Resources To Learn Copywriting

  • Copyblogger: Tips and pieces of advice are found in their blog section.
  • Copyhackers: The blog also offers a lot of copywriting as well as marketing tips.
  • KopywritingKourse: There is free email training for copywriting.

Affordable Copywriting Online Courses

Deciding whether you should spend money on tools can be challenging. When I first started as a digital nomad, I actually had no intention of investing money trying to make money.

Although to start my blog, I had to buy a domain and a hosting plan. It was a bit of a risk. To be fair, this small investment helped me stay focus. There was no way I would spend money on something without taking my project seriously.

While you can spend a lot of money on copywriting courses, you can also start with affordable ones.

Interesting Reads To Learn Copywriting

Here are some good books to learn to be a copywriter. The following links will take you to Amazon.

What About SEO?

Many copywriters don’t have search engine optimization – but when they do, they can even charge more money for their services.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically inserting keywords so people can find your content on Google or other search engines. That being said, SEO copywriting would refer to optimized content that sells.

Real-Life Example: It took me a while to understand what was SEO. It scared me. It was kind of too complicated for me to bother learning. In the end, I realized that traffic that comes from Google was more sustainable and I decided to focus on SEO. In less than a year, my traffic had tripled. Don’t do the same mistake – start learning SEO now.

Final Thoughts

If you think copywriting sounds like a great option for you, get started now. Practice and practice more. As I mentioned above, there are multiple ways to practice by editing any piece of copy found online.

That said, we, at A Broken Backpack and Nomad Life 101, work regularly with content writers and copywriters. Make sure to get in touch if you wish to gain more experience.

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