GlobalData: Remote Work Tripled for Hilton and Accor in 2020

INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Work-from-home policies impacted business meetings at hotels in 2020, yet some lodging companies have seen it as an opportunity to focus on newer and safer hybrid meeting solutions. GlobalData’s filing analytics platform found that Hilton and Accor Hotels, for example, had more mentions of “remote work” and related keywords in their company filings than other hotel chains.

Rinaldo Pereira, senior business fundamentals analyst at GlobalData, said, “According to GlobalData’s Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center, luxury hotel occupancy rates in 2020 decreased to around 50% in China and 53% in the U.S. That said, the rates are expected to reach 2019 levels by 2023. With remote work still prevalent in 2021, Hilton’s strategies—which included programs for remote workers alongside a tightening of ‘safe’ meeting spaces— are a step in the right direction to meet demand for online video conferencing events. Notably, Hilton’s mentions around ‘remote work’ tripled in its 2020 filings over 2019, while discussions around these key words more than tripled in the same period for Accor.”

Pereira concluded, “Around 31% of consumers surveyed by GlobalData noted that they are continuing to work from home. In comparison to other chains, Hilton and Accor seem to be more focused on remote work solutions. While it is likely that offices reopen due to ongoing vaccination drives across the globe, hotel chains will have to raise the bar and follow the lead of Hilton and Accor to regain corporate travel confidence.”

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