Flight Certified Decontamination and Disinfecting Program Expanded to Hotel Industry

DALLAS—Flight Certified, LLC, has introduced its decontamination and disinfecting program pioneered by airlines to the hotel industry.

Founded by leaders from the aviation, medical, hospitality and service industries, Flight Certified is the U.S. distributor for non-aviation use of Calla 1452, a disinfecting agent initially used to decontaminate commercial aircraft that has been shown to be 75-90% more effective than current hotel industry decontamination and disinfection standards, the company reports. It offers trained experts to thoroughly disinfect hotel spaces.

“Guests want the comfort of knowing their hotel stay is protected against COVID-19 and are keenly aware of the process and chemical’s effectiveness on airplanes,” said Gene Spaziani, president, Flight Certified. “We believe Calla 1452 can play an important role in helping accelerate the return to ‘normal’ occupancy, while dramatically improving disinfection and safety. Initial tests show that Calla 1452 is less costly than the recently introduced brand standard products and is much faster to apply, helping to contain labor costs. Furthermore, utilizing our trained team of experts frees up hotel staff to handle their core jobs while allowing owners the comfort of knowing that the disinfection process has been carried out thoroughly and properly.”

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