Design Collective by Cintas Debuts Range of Face Masks for Hotels

CINCINNATI—As occupancy begins to return, companies are taking the necessary steps to ensure that hotels are prepared. Design Collective by Cintas has revealed a new line of face masks that are not only completely customizable, but washable and reusable as well, to help properties do just that.

“The masks are appropriate for any job function, or even guests,” said Caroline Bartek, creative director for Cintas.

The collection includes a variety of masks including pleated, contoured, ready-to-wear or customized masks, which can include company logos, artwork and a variety of fabric and style options. Cintas also has a collection from Chef Works, a brand in the culinary and hospitality industry.

“The variety of options in terms of style and color make this collection perfect for hotels. With the customization options, it’s very easy to select a mask that will coordinate well with the employee’s apparel,” Bartek said.

Some masks also have additional features like moisture management and stretching abilities, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

“Many of the customized masks can be made utilizing some of the same fabrics we use in our apparel collections. Again, this makes it possible to more closely coordinate a mask style with an employee’s apparel,” she said.

For customization, hotel leaders can select specific fabrics or add logos and specialized artwork to the masks through sublimation.

“Hotels are able to use these masks as a way to extend their branding through their employee masks or even by providing them to guests,” Bartek noted.

Bartek said that Cintas has plans to evolve as it works with clients and as hospitality needs change. Cintas has also introduced a collection of floor mats with pre-established messages to encourage social distancing and handwashing. These are meant to be used in lobbies at check-in, in employee break rooms and in public restrooms.

“We have not encountered any challenges. Our design team has applied what we know about employee style, comfort and ease of care to ensure our mask offering aligns to the overall image needs of our clients. We are refining and adapting our collection based on the insights from the end users,” she said.

Bartek believes that Cintas has the capacity to support any client needs in terms of safety apparel, and offering these services in such a way that honors and maintains hotels’ unique branding strategies.

“We believe that masks are becoming an integral part of employees’ apparel collection,” Bartek said. “It is an accessory that can serve as an extension of a hotel’s brand. We look forward to the opportunity to serve and provide our masks to hotel clients in the coming weeks and months.”

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