David Kong’s leadership

Hotel Business asked Ishwar Naran, chair of the board, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, for his thoughts on David Kong.

“David Kong is a once-in-a-lifetime leader whose contributions to Best Western Hotels & Resorts are truly immeasurable,” Naran said. “It has been the honor of my career to work alongside David and witness firsthand his remarkable passion and dedication to our industry. David has always led by example and, most importantly, cared deeply about those he serves from hoteliers, to colleagues, associates, guests and communities.”

He continued, “David’s leadership throughout the pandemic was truly inspiring. He not only led the company through its most devastating time yet, [but]he inspired hope, encouraged those around him to not be defined by their hardships, and showed others the light inside each of them to continue fighting and enduring. Throughout the darkness of the pandemic, David led with caring, empathy and a steadfast resolve to overcome. He set an example of leadership through crisis that will be remembered for generations to come.”

Furthermore, Naran said, “As part of his passion and love for the hospitality industry, David is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all individuals can grow and thrive. As an immigrant and father of a daughter, I see that he has great empathy and appreciation for women and minorities who are blazing new trails in leadership. David has always shared his belief that the glass ceiling is real and needs to be eliminated. It has been inspiring to see David continue to dedicate himself to supporting women and others who face diversity challenges.”

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