Crystals For Safe Travel And Protection

Most of us have experienced travel nerves at one time or another. Fortunately, there are crystals for safe travel and protection and in this post, we’ll introduce you to them.

For travelers, it’s common to get the jitters before embarking on a big backpacking trip, no matter how experienced you are. For digital nomads, you may feel slightly nervous each time you move to a new place.

Many things can help calm our nerves before jetting off on our next adventure.

It could be herbal supplements, breathwork, positive affirmations, or even chamomile tea.

However, did you know that many crystals have calming and protecting qualities that help keep us calm and safe while traveling?

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Why You Should Use Crystals When You Travel

While using crystals for traveling is not as mainstream as taking a pill, purchasing some safe travel stones is undoubtedly a more holistic approach to dealing with travel anxiety.

Taking crystals with you when you travel has various benefits. They energetically charge you with a positive aura and create an energetic protection field around you. They can also help you relax, adjust to your new surroundings, and sleep well. 

Let’s learn more about these spiritual stones and why they deserve a space in your carry-on luggage.

How To Use And Store Crystals For Safe Travel

If you’re new to using crystals, you should take some time first to understand how they work. Crystals need to be used and stored in a particular way to receive their benefits and protection. 

Although carrying crystals around in your bag can have some effect, you should keep the crystal as close to you as possible and focus on what you want it to do for you. Here are some ways to do this:

  • You can hold the crystal in your hand and set your intention for a safe journey or successful trip. 
  • Many people also like to wear their crystal around their neck or wrist, incorporating it into their jewelry. 
  • Alternatively, keep it in your pocket where it’s in constant contact with you.
  • To further enhance the crystal’s power, you can hold it while meditating, visualizing, or breathing deeply. 

When you acquire a new crystal, it’s crucial to clean it before use. By cleansing crystals, you wash away any negative energy they may be harboring. To do this, soak the crystal in a bowl of sea salt and water for a minimum of a few hours, but preferably overnight.

Alternatively, you can purify your crystal by burning some sage and distributing the smoke around it while stating your intention (in your head or aloud).

When you’re not using your crystal, store it inside in a soft pouch or wrap it in a silk scarf to prevent negative energy from tainting it.

The 10 Best Crystals For Safe Travel And Protection

Every crystal has unique properties and benefits; in fact, there is a crystal for everything! Here are ten crystals that will keep you safe on your travels, remove negative energy from your path, and install the confidence you need for your upcoming adventure.

1. Malachite



Malachite is one of the best crystals for safe travel as it holds the energy to protect you from danger and accidents. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants from your aura and the environment around you, acting as a guardian to keep you safe. 

The beautiful green stone also assists with change. It will help you remain calm and centered when you’re moving states or countries or embarking on an adventure.

As well as supporting change, malachite enhances your immune system. Therefore, it can help your body adjust to a new time zone and alleviate jet lag.

2. Moonstone



Moonstone is the stone of “new beginnings” and one of the best gemstones for safe travel and new adventures. This stone can enhance your inner strength, balance your emotions, and soothe stress and anxiety.

These properties help you to feel calm and confident about your upcoming trip or move.

This pearly cream-colored crystal has a feminine energy that contains the whole spectrum of light to lighten your path ahead. It gives extra protection when traveling at night or across waters. 

3. Yellow Jasper



Yellow Jasper is another incredible stone that is particularly useful for those traveling alone. It carries the energy of the sun, giving you a boost of positive energy. It can also help reduce anxiety around traveling by grounding and supporting you when you are out of your comfort zone. 

Yellow Jasper stimulates and balances the solar plexus chakra, which is all about confidence. This yellow-colored stone increases your confidence in handling social situations and protects you from negative experiences.

Therefore, if you’re traveling solo and are worried about making friends, this stone will guide you to the right people.

4. Amethyst

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This calming purple stone repels and protects you from any negative energy. It dispels anger and rage, so it is one of the best crystals for protection while driving.

It will keep irritable and dangerous drivers away from you. However, the properties of this potent crystal don’t stop there. Amethyst can transmute negative energy into love and positivity to create a tranquil travel environment. 

Amethyst is a calming and cleansing stone that relieves stress, balances your emotions, and clears your mind for better decision-making. It also promotes deeper sleep and protects you from nightmares, insomnia, and jet lag. 

5. Aquamarine



Aquamarine is a pale turquoise crystal that’s known as the stone of courage and protection. It has a soothing, cleansing energy that promotes serenity and relaxation for your travels and reduces fear and anxiety. 

Legend has it that aquamarine is the sea treasure of mermaids. Because of this, it has become a good luck charm for sailors and anyone traveling over water.

Therefore, if you’re anxious about an upcoming cruise or boat trip, take an aquamarine stone with you. This travel stone will transmute your fear into bravery and shower you with feelings of peacefulness. 

6. Smoky Quartz



Smoky quartz is another excellent crystal for absorbing negative energy and keeping you safe while you travel. Many people use this smokey grey-brown stone as a peace token.

It is a brilliant crystal to take with you if you are traveling to a potentially unsafe location. Holding smoky quartz close to you will also protect you from exposure to any radiation that could threaten you.

Smoky quartz is a very grounding stone and can bring you a calming and centered sense of awareness when you are in new surroundings. Its ability to increase awareness also helps you feel more present and notice the world around you. 

7. Shungite



Shungite is a very ancient stone and one of the best crystals for safe travel. It shields you from negative energy by absorbing and neutralizing it, including the electromagnetic energy from the airport’s security scanner. Therefore, it’s a great stone to travel with for protection from any threats or attacks.

The carbon-filled black stone is very energizing for your body, mind, and soul. It’s also a grounding stone that will help you stay centered in times of stress and dissolve anxiety.

8. Labradorite



Labradorite is one of the best gemstones for safe travel and times of change. This unique-looking crystal dazzles an array of colors from blue to green to grey. It has the power to heal from within and protect against negativity and evil presence. 

Labradorite is known as the “stone of transformation” as it gives you a boost of strength and courage during times of change and transition, such as moving to a new place.

It energizes you, stimulates your confidence, and transmutes your anxiety into positivity and excitement.

9. Black Tourmaline



Black Tourmaline is an excellent all-rounder protection crystal that will stop you from absorbing other people’s negative energy. Therefore, it’s a brilliant travel stone to have in your pocket or around your neck when you are in a crowded environment like the airport. 

This shiny black stone not only protects against harmful energy. It also steers you away from any negative intentions people may have, keeping you free from harm and attack.

It will clear and purify your aura, keep you grounded, and stabilize your emotions. 

10. Hematite



Hematite is an underrated stone that is hugely beneficial to carry while traveling. It boasts many remarkable qualities, such as protection, stabilization, and clarity.

It helps you to think clearer, dissolves brain fog, and enhances your concentration and problem-solving. All these benefits make it an ideal stone to have when you are driving or trying to navigate around a new city.

Hematite also has many calming effects and can relieve jet lag, stress, and tiredness. What’s more, this powerful crystal will shift negative energy out of your aura.

Final Thoughts

With so many crystals and gemstones available, choosing one for your travels can initially feel overwhelming.

We hope this guide has helped you understand which are the best crystals for safe travel, and you now feel better equipped to choose a stone that will protect you and keep you safe wherever you go.

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