Covid Travel Insurance – What’s The Best Travel Insurance That Covers Covid?

As a frequent traveler, insurance has always been a crucial part of trip preparation. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now wondering if Covid travel insurance is essential.

Normally, travel insurance offers peace of mind, but now it’s an essential thing to have if you plan to travel in this ‘new normal.’ That being said, a basic, low-cost travel policy will no longer be sufficient in 2021. 

Finding travel insurance that covers Covid is a vital task to complete before embarking on any trip. Here’s why Covid travel insurance is a must this year and where you can find it.

Covid travel insurance

Why Every Traveler Needs Covid Travel Insurance

Covid has impacted traveling in different ways, and thankfully many of them are covered with insurance. Whether you meet the common issue of canceled or delayed flights or find yourself needing insurance to enter a country, Covid travel insurance has you covered.

1. Covid Travel Insurance Covers All Medical Care Should You Contract The Virus While Away From Home 

Suppose you are unfortunate enough to catch Covid while traveling or staying in another country. 

Unfortunately, you won’t have the same health benefits and entitlements as you would in your home country. If you become so sick that you have to go to a hospital, things can get expensive very quickly without an insurance safety net. 

An important thing to know when traveling in Covid times is that every country handles positive cases differently. While western countries like the US and UK advise you to only go to a hospital with Covid if you absolutely have to, this is not the case everywhere. 

In some countries, authorities will hospitalize or quarantine anyone who tests positive as a way to isolate them. This is also the case even for those with no symptoms at all.

2. Covid Travel Insurance May Help You Get Refunds From Canceled Trips

With ever-changing travel restrictions and border closures, flights and trips now have a much higher chance of getting canceled. 

If you don’t want to end up with out-of-pocket expenses, this is a risk that you should not ignore. 

Although some airlines and trip companies may allow you to reschedule your trip or even refund you, this isn’t common.

Having travel insurance that covers Covid will undoubtedly help you claim back lost funds from a canceled trip.

3. Covid Travel Insurance Is A Mandatory Entry Requirement For Many Countries

Let’s face it, most countries now have much stricter entry requirements than before. While many ask for a negative Covid test, some also want to see proof of a travel insurance policy that covers Coronavirus. 

If you don’t have Covid specific insurance, you could be refused entry. 

For example, since the beginning of the pandemic, Thailand introduced a rule that anyone entering the country must have Covid travel insurance of up to $100,000 in medical care. 

A year later, and this is still in place. Therefore, it appears that Thailand and many other countries will be keeping this requirement for a while.

Travel insurance that covers Covid

Nomad Covid Insurance By SafetyWing

So, now you know the benefits of getting insured, how do you find the best travel insurance for Covid?

Depending on your current situation, you may find your options are limited. For example, what if you are already overseas and need Covid insurance to travel back home or elsewhere? 

As you may know, many insurance companies won’t insure you if you have already started your trip or are not in your home country. This is a problem many digital nomads, expats, and backpackers have experienced in the past.

Luckily, SafetyWing is one travel insurance company that caters to anyone already on the road. What’s more, SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance covers Covid too!

What Nomad Insurance Covers

Although SafetyWing covers Covid, this is simply to protect you if you contract the virus abroad, rather than save you money on tests and quarantines you need for travel purposes. 

Here is a breakdown of the benefits and features that Nomad Insurance by SafetyWing covers:

Insurance Covers Covid Contracted During The Policy

In general, Covid coverage works the same as any other medical or illness cover. SafetyWing will payout as long as you did not contract the virus before you started your policy.


Only Required Testing Is Covered

Nomad Insurance will cover COVID-19 testing that a physician or medical staff deems necessary. Antibody tests or tests for travel purposes are not covered.

Unexpected Covid Quarantine Is Covered

Nomad Insurance is the first insurance for nomads to cover Covid quarantine. However, this does not include planned hotel quarantines that countries require as an entry requirement. 

The quarantine cover is for any mandatory quarantine you are subjected to due to testing positive to COVID-19 or if you have symptoms and are awaiting your test results. 

Therefore, if an authoritative figure such as the police tell you that you have to go into quarantine because you tested positive, SafetyWing will cover these costs for you.

Best Covid travel insurance

Coverage For Covid Quarantine Is Limited

You can claim quarantine coverage of up to $50 a day for a maximum of 10 days. You can also only claim quarantine coverage one time a year. 

Covid cover, including quarantine, is only valid outside your home country. You must have Nomad Insurance for no less than 28 days before making a claim.

No Additional Charges

Another reason we think Nomad Insurance is the best travel insurance for Covid is because they automatically add it to all policies.

They don’t offer it as an additional extra or charge more, unlike many other insurance providers. If you already have an active Nomad Insurance policy by SafetyWing, you are automatically covered too. 

Get in touch with the customer service team to receive an updated policy wording.

No Extra Cost For A Child Under 10

If you are traveling with a child less than 10 years old, you can add them to your policy for no extra cost. 

There is a limit of one child per adult, but if you apply for family cover with two adults included, you can add up to two children under 10 for free. This is an excellent perk for nomad families!

Best travel insurance for Covid

How To Find The Current Travel Restrictions

Checking Covid restrictions and travel requirements doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Find Covid test and quarantine requirements, Covid statistics, and more on Borderless.

Use the world map to find reliable and up-to-date travel restrictions, containment measures, and vaccination information for each country. Borderless is your one-stop shop for finding Covid information.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re already abroad and without insurance, or you’re planning your first post-Covid trip, travel insurance that covers Covid is a must!

Thanks to SafetyWing, Covid travel insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Remember to check the Borderless site before you travel to stay up to date on the latest travel restrictions and requirements.

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