Contactless Tech Makes Event Booking Easier

CONCORD, MA—With the increased need for social distancing, Tripleseat has launched DirectBook, a new feature of the web-based sales and management platform, that allows hotels, restaurants and other venues to book events at their venues in a seamless and contactless way.

“DirectBook helps hotels make it easier for guests to book events by completely streamlining the booking process,” said Jonathan Morse CEO/cofounder, Tripleseat. “Hotels no longer have to engage in the long back and forth process with clients before booking an event. With DirectBook, clients can select the date, time, location, menu and even pay for their event all through DirectBook.”

While the development of the feature began prior to the current pandemic, Morse said that it is a useful tool during this time. “This is necessary during the ‘new normal’ because hospitality professionals are looking for ways to make any transaction frictionless and contactless,” he said. “Through DirectBook, there is no on-the-phone or in-person interaction needed; the whole event can be booked from the comfort of the client’s home. Convenience is of paramount importance these days and DirectBook falls right in line with that need. Additionally, for event managers, this is necessary because it lends back valuable time that can be spent on marketing or elsewhere, and puts the booking process in the customer’s hands.”

Venues, which must be Tripleseat customers to use the feature, have complete control over what their clients see and do with DirectBook. They can choose blackout dates in addition to specific time restrictions. “You can set menus for each type of event so customers can only choose from what you want them to,” he said. “Guest limits are also a big concern these days, and with DirectBook you can limit the number of guests for each of your private rooms, in addition to the minimum and the maximum number of guests for catering events.”

When a client enters all of the required information, the venues receive a lead notification on the Tripleseat dashboard, and can either accept or deny the booking. “If you accept it, all of the event information will flow into Tripleseat, automatically creating all of the documents and payments associated with the event,” said Morse. “In addition, you can have as many different DirectBook forms as you’d like and you can link them anywhere you can paste a URL, such as your website, social media platforms and digital marketing initiatives.”

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