Camping With A Dog: Where Does He Sleep?

So, you’re planning a camping trip and you want to bring your furry friend along. That’s great! Camping with a dog can be a blast. But there’s one big question you need to answer before hitting the road: where is your dog going to sleep?

If you’re like most people, you probably envision your dog sleeping in the tent with you. After all, that’s what he does at home, right? Wrong.

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Sleeping in a tent with a dog is not always a good idea. Dogs are known for kicking and squirming in their sleep, which means they could easily end up ripping your tent or knocking over your camping gear.

Not to mention, it can be really cramped and uncomfortable trying to sleep in a tent with a dog. So what’s the alternative? And what can you do if you wish to sleep with your dog in a tent?

Consider investing in a camping crate or camping kennel for your dog. These crates are specifically designed for camping and are much more durable than your average pet crate.

Plus, they usually come with handy features like tie-downs and weather-resistant materials. Most importantly, they’ll give your dog his own space to sleep so you can actually get some rest on your camping trip!

Not sure if you wish to invest in a dog crate for camping? No problem! In this guide, we’ll discuss where dogs can sleep when camping. We’ll suggest some sleeping gear for your furry friend, and we’ll add extra camping tips for camping with a dog.

Camping with a dog

Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping

Dogs can sleep anywhere when camping! However, we do not recommend letting your dog sleep in the tent with you (unless you really want to).

Instead, invest in a camping crate, camping kennel, or portable dog bed. These options will give your dog his own space to sleep and will protect your camping gear from damage.

That said, if your dog is going to sleep with you in the tent, make sure he is able to sleep in his kennel or stay on his bed.

Depending on the type of camping you may be doing, you might need to look for different solutions. Let’s discuss your options.

Tent Camping

Sleeping in a tent with a dog can be tricky, as mentioned above. We recommend using a dog crate for camping, or a kennel. This way, you’ll be able to protect your tent, inflatable mattress, and so on.

Alternatively, read our guide to find the best tents for camping with a dog.

Woman camping with a dog

Car Camping

If you’re car camping, your dog can sleep in the car with you or in a camping crate outside. If it’s warm enough, letting your dog sleep in the car with the windows cracked is perfectly fine. Just make sure he has plenty of water.

Car camping with a dog

RV Camping

If you’re camping in an RV, your dog can sleep inside with you or in a camping crate outside. Some people like to keep their dogs in the RV while they’re sleeping so they can keep an eye on them, while others feel comfortable letting them sleep outside.

Rving with a dog

Beach Camping

If you’re camping at the beach, your dog can sleep on the sand with you. Just make sure he has a blanket or towel to lie on. That said, if you’re sleeping in a tent on the beach, you should use the same tactics mentioned in the tent camping section above.

Beach camping with a dog


If you’re backpacking and camping with your dog, you may have a limitation in weight and space. In this case, we recommend using a camping crate or kennel. These are lightweight and easy to carry.

Alternatively, pick a cheaper tent so you won’t mind too much if your dog does any damage during his sleep.

Camping with a dog when backpacking

Best Camping Sleeping Gear For Dogs

Now that we’ve discussed where dogs can sleep when camping, let’s talk about some camping gear for your furry friend.

Here are a few things to consider when packing for your dog.

A Bed Or Blanket

Dogs will need a place to sleep, whether it’s in the car, tent, or RV. If you’re using a camping crate, make sure to bring along a bed or blanket for your dog to lie on. Read our guide to the best camping beds for dogs if you need more inspiration.

Camping Crate

A camping crate for dogs is a great option, as we’ve mentioned. If you’re going camping with your dog, make sure to invest in a camping-specific crate. These crates are more durable and usually come with features like tie-downs and weather-resistant materials.


If you have a larger dog, you may want to consider using a camping kennel. Kennels are great because they give your dog plenty of space to move around. Plus, they usually come with a cover so your dog can sleep in the shade.

A Collar And Leash

You’ll need a collar and leash for walking and hiking with your dog.

Poop Bags

Don’t forget the poop bags! Make sure to bring enough for the entire trip.

Toys And Treats

A few toys and treats will keep your dog entertained while camping.

Water And Food Bowls

Your dog will need a place to eat and drink while camping.

Now that you know what camping gear to bring for your dog, let’s move on to some camping tips.

Camping gear when camping with a dog

Tips If You’re Taking Your Dog Camping For The First Time

If this is your dog’s first camping trip, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are a few tips.

Start Small

Don’t try to do too much on your first camping trip with your dog. Start with a short camping trip near your home. This will help your dog get used to camping and sleeping in a new place.

Introduce Your Dog To The Campsite Slowly

When you first arrive at the campsite, introduce your dog to the area slowly. Let him sniff around and explore his new surroundings. Once he’s comfortable, you can start setting up camp.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Up-To-Date On Vaccinations

Before taking your dog camping, make sure he is up-to-date on all his vaccinations. This is important because camping often means being in close proximity to other animals.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash

It’s important to keep your dog on a leash whenever he’s not in his camping crate or kennel. This will help you keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t wander off into the woods.

Pack Plenty Of Dog Food And Water

Make sure to pack enough dog food and water for the entire trip. Dogs can get dehydrated quickly, so it’s important to have plenty of water on hand.

Extra Tips For Camping With A Dog

Here are a few extra tips to make camping with your dog more enjoyable:

  • Get him used to the camping gear before the trip.
  • Bring along his favorite toys and treats.
  • Make sure he has a comfortable place to sleep.
  • Take plenty of breaks on hikes so he can rest and drink water.
  • Keep an eye on him around campfires and grills.

Final Thoughts On Camping With A Dog

We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to camp with your dog. Just remember to start slow, introduce your dog to the camping gear before the trip, and pack plenty of food and water.

If you do all of this, you’re sure to have a great time camping with your furry friend.

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