Best Silicone Travel Bottles

When you are looking for the best travel shampoo bottles – or for containers suitable for liquids like creams or sauces – silicone travel containers are ideal! They are soft and flexible which makes them durable and much less likely to crack than bottles made from hard plastic. There is also the added bonus that being able to squeeze travel bottles means you are able to get out every drop of their contents and avoid waste! 

This guide will help you find the perfect travel silicone bottle set for your needs! I’ve reviewed sets that offer a variety of size options, styles, and even some with extra useful features like carabiner clips or suction pads. Whether you are looking for the best travel bottles for weekends away, days out or trips to the gym, you will find the perfect solution here! 

Humangear Gotoob+ Silicone Travel Bottle with Locking Cap



There is a good reason why the Gotoob+ is the best travel silicone bottle you can buy – and that is because humangear was the first company to bring out silicone travel containers as an alternative to hard plastic bottles. The GoToob+ is the latest generation of the original, patented bottle and has some great new features. Whilst all Gotoobs are made with a food-grade silicone body, a leakproof cap, and a shape that is designed to be as easy as possible to pack, the Gotoob+ has a new opening that is larger than the original. This makes it easier to both fill and clean. What’s more, it has a patent-pending LoopLock feature. This gives you the attachment point you need if you want to hang the bottles on a hook or attach them to a carabiner. You can also push the LoopLock over the flip cap, which cuts out any chance of accidentally opening the bottle whilst it is packed in your bag. Each Gotoob+ travel silicone bottle holds 2.5 oz and features a textured area on the collar for you to record its contents.

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AMMAX Leak Proof Squeezable Silicon Tubes



This set of four squeezy travel bottles comes in 3 different color combinations – pastels, purples, or black and white. Each bottle holds 3 fl oz. They have a 3 layer design, an oval shape, and are TSA approved to pack in your carry-on baggage. Made from BPA free food-grade silicone, they are ideal for everything from your toiletries to baby food, with a wide opening that makes them super easy to fill.  These are some of the best silicone travel bottles on the market, popular because they have been so well designed to prevent leaks! This, of course, is a priority for bottles you’ll be packing right along with your clothes! The wide opening is especially useful – whereas some silicone travel containers can be quite narrow at the top, you can easily use these for thicker fluids, and it makes cleaning them a lot easier too. The oval shape is ideal and makes it so easy to squeeze out every drop from the container! Each set comes with a handy zippered bag to pack them in.

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Dot&Dot 4 Leak Proof Travel Bottles



With their 3 leak-proof walls and drip-free dispenser valve, these are some of the best travel bottles for liquid and you can pack them with confidence, knowing that the rest of your luggage will be protected from leaks. They are soft, flexible and made from 100% BPA free food-grade silicone. This means that whilst these are perfect travel bottles for shampoo and other toiletries, you can also use them to safely store food items too. Each bottle is a different color for quick identification and also has a handy ID window. Best of all, this set of squeezy travel bottles is designed to help you clear airport security with ease – they are just the right size to meet carry-on standards and are clearly visible through their quart-sized zippered toiletry bag.

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Oursunshine Leakproof Silicone Travel Containers



This is an excellent set for when you are on the go! It comes with four of the best travel bottles around – with two 3 fl oz sizes and two 2 fl oz containers. As a bonus, you get two little pots as well, ideal for creams!  The quality of these is amazing – they are durable, very flexible and seal well so they are totally leakproof. When you squeeze travel bottles you need to be able to get out every drop, and these roll all the way up so nothing is wasted. So much easier than trying to get the last of your shampoo out of a hard plastic bottle! You won’t need to worry about liquids spilling out into your pockets – or affecting your other luggage when packed for travel – as these are triple-layered for security and have a leakproof cross valve.

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If you need a high-quality travel silicone bottle that is 100% guaranteed to be leakproof, then this set of three containers from Liquisnugs is just what you’re looking for. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they offer a full refund if you have any problems with them – meaning that YOU can feel confident enough to use these travel bottles for shampoo, conditioner or any other liquids you might need on your trip! Each set comes with two 3oz bottles and one 2oz bottle, with adjustable labels so you can quickly tell their contents apart. And a nice little touch that makes these the best travel bottles for trips out of town is that they have suction pads attached, helping you keep them in easy reach in a cramped shower! TSA approved, these squeezy travel bottles are made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, so you can also use them for everything from creams to sauces.

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AusKit Travel Bottles



If you’re a frequent traveler searching for the best travel shampoo bottles, then these are just what you’ve been looking for! They have all the features that you would expect in the best travel bottles for liquid, including a leakproof cap and ID tags to tell their contents apart. But there are two bonus features with these easy to squeeze travel bottles that make them extra useful! One is the portable lanyard, which allows you to hang all the bottles within reach and prevents you from having to put them on the floor! The other is the high-quality travel case! The toiletry bags that come with some sets tend to be quite delicate and don’t last very long, whereas this one has a robust zipper and a durable frame that will give you much more use. TSA-approved for carry-on, each travel silicone bottle holds 3.5 fl oz of liquid – the maximum amount allowed.

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51Panda Leak Proof Silicone Bottles Travel Set



This is the perfect set of travel bottles for shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other liquids. Unlike some other sets, this one has six 2oz bottles, allowing you to bring a slightly wider range of toiletries with you, and each with a different color making it easy to tell your liquids apart. The 3-layer anti-leakage cap not only prevents accidental spills, but also stops too much liquid flowing out when in use – a common problem when you squeeze travel bottles! The perfect material for travel bottles, silicone is not only flexible, but it is durable too and resistant to the cracking you sometimes experience with hard plastic containers. In a size that is TSA-approved, these useful containers have a wide enough mouth to make filling them easy!

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Leakproof Silicone Travel Bottles Set



Are you looking for a travel silicone bottle that is leakproof, TSA-approved AND that looks good too? Then check out this fantastic set, which definitely contains the best silicone travel bottles on the market in terms of design! Each container has a different, striking color and an attractive, self-colored pattern. Six 2.4oz bottles are included in the set, along with 2 small cream jars, so you will have everything you need to pack all the toiletries and cosmetics necessary for your trip. Because they are made from food-grade silicone you are not just limited to toiletries, of course, and you can use these squeezy travel bottles for things like baby food too! The bottles are triple-layered, with cross valves and a tight seal to prevent leaks and keep the contents secure.

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AMMAX 4 Pack Portable Silicone Travel Bottles Set With Hook Carabiner



Whilst these 2 fl oz containers are TSA-approved and perfect for packing in your carry-on, they are also the best silicone travel bottles in this guide for day-to-day use too! This isn’t just due to their small size but is also because of their handy hook carabiners, which allows you to attach them to your purse, your backpack, your beach bag and more! You can then dispense the liquid you need without unclipping the container from the bag, making these containers ideal for liquids like hand sanitizer! Each bottle is triple-layered, with a no-drip valve to stop too much liquid flowing out when squeezed and to guard against leaks. They are easy to clean, too, with a wide opening that is big enough to accommodate a brush. You’ll have no problem finding a color to suit your other accessories – these silicone travel containers come in 4 different sets – blue, pink, purple, and rose.

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Buying squeezy travel bottles to take with you on your trip is environmentally friendly, and friendly on your pocket, too! The travel-size varieties of your favorite shampoos and other toiletries tend to be very expensive and – of course – create additional waste. Using a refillable travel silicone bottle designed to meet TSA guidelines is the ideal solution, meaning you can easily pack all the cosmetics you need for your trip.

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