Best Portable Hammocks for Travelers

If you are planning a camping trip, choosing the best portable hammock for your needs is key to a comfortable night’s sleep. It is also important to find one that is lightweight enough to carry comfortably when you’re on the move.

This guide is designed to help you discover the best portable hammocks on the market for traveling and camping, with a few hints on the things you need to consider when choosing which mobile hammock is right for you.

What to Look For When Buying a Portable Hammock

First, you need to consider size – will the best travel hammock for your needs be a single or double? Be sure to check the length – hammocks tend to range from 6.5 feet all the way up to over 10 feet in length. The weight capacity is an important consideration too and will always be clearly stated.

Next, you need to think about how quick and easy the outdoor travel hammock will be to set up. Some use a loop system to attach the carabiners, whereas others require you to tie knots in order to attach the hammock to the trees. Not only is the loop system easier to use, but some people prefer it because it is more ‘tree-friendly’ and doesn’t leave marks.

Think about whether the mobile hammock will be light enough for you to carry comfortably in your backpack. You might also want to check its dimensions when folded down into its travel bag, to make sure that it is compact enough to fit easily with the rest of your gear.

Finally, decide on whether or not you will need protection against bugs and creepy crawlies. Some of the best portable hammocks for camping are those that come with built-in mosquito nets, which you usually attach to the tree with an additional set of elasticated ropes.

Kootek Camping Hammock



Available in a wide range of vibrant colors, this traveling hammock has a ton of great features! Extremely lightweight, it folds into a built-in storage bag, which doubles up as a pocket for your phone, sunglasses, etc when the hammock is in use. It comes with fully adjustable, tree-friendly straps, meaning you don’t need to tie any knots. Each strap is 10 feet long with 18 loops and the hammock is made of 210T parachute fabric material, so it is durable and easy to clean. The maximum bearing capacity of the carabiners is enough to support the weight of 2 adults.

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Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock



This portable hiking hammock comes in double (10 ft long) or single (9 ft long) sizes, with multiple colors to choose from. Made from 210T parachute nylon, it is strong yet soft and weighs just 24 oz for the single or 30 oz for the double (including the straps). It also packs down to an extremely compact size, so it is perfect for popping in your backpack! At 9ft, the straps are a good size for attaching to trees and don’t need knotting, whilst the 5 loops make them adjustable to just the height you prefer.

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Newdora Camping Hammock



Made from 210T nylon taffeta, this hammock for travel can hold up to 607 pounds in weight and is both durable and easy to clean. It is available in 7 different colors and comes with 2″ steel carabiners, a storage bag, and 2 strong tree ropes that attach without knotting. The bag is attached to the hammock, which means it becomes a convenient pouch for storing items when the hammock is set up. At just 17 oz it is ultra-lightweight and 6.5 feet long.

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Forbidden Road Hammock



One of the best portable hammocks designed for one person, this one is 9.5 ft long and can hold up to 400 pounds in weight. It is constructed from 210 D nylon taffeta for durability and takes just minutes to set up, using the ropes and carabiners provided. Something to note is that these are ropes not straps, so they will need to be knotted to secure the hammock to the tree. Available in 11 different colors, this outdoor travel hammock weighs just under a pound and folds down into a small bag just under 10 inches tall.

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MalloMe Double & Single Portable Camping Hammock



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Available in double and single sizes, these are some of the best portable hammocks in terms of quality and comfort. Much stronger than many other models, they are able to support up to 1000 pounds in weight, yet are still incredibly lightweight at just 1.5 lbs. This is a compact mobile hammock, too, a generous 10 feet in length but folding down to the size of a volleyball. It comes with super-strong webbing connectors, a built-in sack, and 2 x 10-foot straps, triple stitched and with 22 connection loops.

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Lifeleads Camping Hammock



This mobile hammock comes in double or single sizes and three different colors. Depending on the size it can support up to 500 or 600 pounds in weight and is almost 9 feet long. It comes with a storage bag, 2 steel carabiners, and 2 x 10-foot ropes with which to knot it onto two trees in just a few minutes. A great portable hiking hammock, it weighs just under 1.5 pounds and folds into a compact size that fits into its 11″ x 9″ drawstring bag.

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Single & Double Camping Hammock



The best travel hammock if you are looking for something in which you can sleep comfortably outside, well protected from bugs and creepy crawlies, is this model with its own dense and durable mosquito net. Available in double or single sizes and in multiple colors, this 10-foot mobile hammock comes with two hammock straps, each with 16 adjustment loops, plus 2 carabiners and 2 net ropes. Whilst the net is non-removable, you can easily flip the hammock over to sleep on if the net is not required. This outdoor travel hammock supports up to 500 pounds (single) or 600 pounds (double).

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Hammock Camping Double & Single Hammocks



This traveling hammock comes in double (10.5 foot long) and single (9.2 foot long) sizes, with a maximum capacity of 400 pounds and plenty of loops, allowing you to adjust it just the way you like it! The straps are super high quality, triple-stitched, and made with 100% non-stretch polyester, whilst the included carabiners are completely smooth, with no sharp edges that might cause snagging. This hammock for travel folds down to a nice and compact 9 x 5 inches and weighs just 35 ounces, so it’s perfect for throwing into your backpack.

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Favorland Camping Hammock



The best portable hammocks in terms of value for money, these come in a range of bright colors and can support just over 660 pounds in weight. Instead of straps, they come with ropes that you knot to attach them to the trees, plus two strong D-ring carabiners. A generous 10.5 feet long, these roomy and comfortable hammocks are made from durable 210T nylon fabric and fold down into their built-in sack, just 8″ x 5″ in size and weighing just 1.6 lbs.

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KEPEAK Camping Hammock



The perfect portable hiking hammock, this model comes with everything you need to keep the bugs at bay. Capable of supporting up to 660 pounds in weight, it is 9 feet long and has a built-in, breathable mosquito net. Set up is quick and easy, with wide straps designed to protect trees and leave no marks, and whilst the method for attaching it is different than with other travel hammocks, full and clear instructions are provided. It comes with an attached sack to pack it into and – at approximately one pound – is incredibly lightweight – just what you want from a traveling hammock.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for the best travel hammock for camping – or a portable hiking hammock to keep off the bugs when sleeping outdoors – I hope this guide has helped you choose a model that perfectly suits your needs and which will keep you comfortable all night long.

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