Best Eco-Friendly Toiletry Bags

If you are looking for an eco-friendly toiletry bag, you will be pleased to hear that this guide contains lots of great options made with sustainable or recycled materials. The even better news is that all the research has been done for you, so it’s easy to find the best one for your needs!

Not only are these bags ethically produced with the environment in mind, but they also have lots of features that make them ideal both for travel or for use at home. These high-quality bags have room for all your essential items, with some even offering additional features like holders for your makeup brushes, or pockets for smaller items.

Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Hanging Travel Organizer



The perfect eco-friendly toiletry bag, this organizer has plenty of room to accommodate lots of other items too, from jewelry and beauty products to hair accessories and more! Made from 100% cotton, this sustainable toiletries bag has so many great features! It has a hook that tucks away when not in use, but comes in very handy when traveling and allows you to hang the bag for easy access. The pockets are lined with taffeta and the bag ties closed to keep its contents secure. With 4 different compartments, there’s plenty of room to store everything you need for your trip.

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V JOY Toiletry Bag



This eco-friendly toiletries bag is made from RPET – a high-quality, recyclable, and sustainable material sourced from post-consumer waste drinks bottles. Ideal for men or women, this bag has lots of room for all your toiletries, with a 3.5-liter capacity and multiple pockets to help you keep things organized. With a sturdy zipper and strong stitching, it also features a ‘wide open’ design. This uses two iron bars inside the opening to hold the bag open, which makes it so much easier to fill the bag and to find what you need. These travel toilet bags come in two colors – grey or red.

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Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Bag



This eco-friendly toiletry bag is ideal for travel and perfect for visits to the gym. With two mesh slip pockets, one zip pocket, and one clear zip with two slip pockets, there is lots of room to organize everything you need. Made from water repellent RPET, it has an adjustable strap that you can remove if you don’t plan to carry the bag separately and is easy to wipe clean after use. This gorgeous bag comes in five different colors or designs, so it is easy to find one to complement your other accessories.

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Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Cosmetic Makeup Organizer Set



Perfect for storing and separating items like brushes, cosmetics, and hair ties, these beautiful toiletry bag sets come in 12 different colors. The set is made up of two bags and the larger one has a convenient clear window. Lined with easy-to-clean PVC, the bags are made from recycled polyester which is water-resistant and durable, whilst having a nice soft feel to it. The fabric is also very durable – just what you need to keep your cosmetics and toiletries safe and secure as you travel.

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V JOY Men’s Toiletry Travel Bag



Designed for men and available in three different colors, these eco-friendly toiletries bags made from RPET are extra spacious! They have a generous capacity of 4 liters, with two layers to help keep everything properly organized. Two iron rods in the opening hold the mouth of the bag wide, so it is easy to fill and unpack. There is even a handy pocket just inside for small items, along with a holder for a toothbrush. The high-quality zipper is built to last and the fine stitching ensures that this bag will stay looking good and keeping your items secure for some time to come.

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Blue Q Jumbo Pouch

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With their distinctive colorful design, these travel toilet bags are so much fun to take with you! Just over 10 inches high and nearly 14 inches wide, they give you plenty of room to pack all the essentials for your trip. In fact, the sides of the bag are expandable, so you can get more into the bag than you think. This means it’s not just good for toiletries, but useful for other items too, including files and documents. With a high-quality feel, this eco-friendly toiletry bag is made from 95% recycled materials.

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Unisex Travel Toiletry Organizer Bag



These fantastic eco-friendly toiletries bags are made from RPET and come in 4 different colors, all of which are ideal for both men and women. The bags are durable enough to stand up to frequent traveling and include small iron bars to hold them open, making packing and unpacking all of your makeup and toiletries a breeze. The high-quality metal zipper is designed to glide easily – avoiding the frustration of it sticking – and whilst the bag is nice and roomy, it is lightweight too. Easy to clean after use, this bag folds down nice and flat for storage.

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Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Brush Up Cosmetic Case



These beautiful, sustainable toiletries bags come in 17 different designs, with cheerful bold prints and a range of lovely colors to match your other accessories. Each bag has a layer at the top to securely hold your makeup brushes, with a larger compartment beneath. Two netted storage areas in the bottom compartment – one zippered – make it possible to separate your toiletries, jewelry and other items for better organization. Made of quilted cotton fabric, these travel toilet bags are fully lined, with a flat bottomed base, zipper closures, and a useful carry handle. At just 9 inches wide and 5 inches high, they are the perfect size to pack in your baggage.

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Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Large Travel Cosmetic Bag



For longer trips – or if you have lots of cosmetics to pack – this eco-friendly toiletry bag made from recycled PET water bottles is simply ideal! There is just so much room to organize everything, including a spacious main compartment, five elastic mesh slip pockets, a PVC zip pocket, and seven elastic brush slips. There are also zip pockets on the front and sides. The high-quality zippers are easy to pull and the bag is fully lined throughout, so you don’t need to worry about accidental spills marking the fabric. The size and versatility of this bag mean it would be suitable for any trip, or even to organize your makeup at home!

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V JOY Cosmetic Bag for Women



Eco-friendly clear bags for travel are not easy to find, but this bag made of waterproof RPET includes a clear, airport-compliant bag for storing your sustainable toiletries. Available in 3 different colors or a floral option, these bags are spacious, with a 4 liter capacity for packing all your cosmetics, shampoos, etc. There is one pocket on the front and two inside, with extra slots for smaller items. This bag features a strong metal zipper, plus a luxuriously soft cotton lining which not only looks good but also helps provide some protective cushioning for your toiletries.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right eco-friendly toiletry bag allows you to travel with confidence, knowing that your cosmetics are securely organized and you will have everything you need for your trip. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made an environmentally conscious purchase, made with sustainable or recycled fabrics to protect our planet.

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