Best Cosmetic Travel Containers

Ideal for trips away, visits to the gym, or for day-to-day use, a good set of travel makeup containers is a must! Far cheaper than buying mini versions of your favorite toiletries, travel containers for creams, lotions and cosmetics are washable and refillable – so they are better for the environment too! 

In this guide, I’ve listed some of the best travel makeup containers on the market, most of which are TSA approved for packing in your carry-on and all of which are leakproof. 

I’ve included a variety of products, some of which come with handy extras like labeling systems and storage bags. Whatever cosmetics or toiletries you need to take with you on your trip, you’ll find the perfect containers for your needs here!

Beveetio Travel Bottles


This is a great, comprehensive collection of travel makeup containers that includes everything you will need to take all your toiletries and cosmetics with you wherever you go. There are 5 travel makeup bottles, each with a 2.9 oz capacity. Made from soft and flexible silicone, they each have a different color and a wide mouth that makes them easy to fill. A cross valve controls the flow, so you won’t have to worry about squeezing out too much lotion all in one go! Along with the soft bottles, you get a 2 oz pump bottle and a 2 oz spray bottle, which is ideal for makeup remover or a quick spritz to freshen up. Also included are 5 small travel containers for cosmetics, which are perfect for creams. You even get 2 little spatulas to help with dispensing and filling the containers. The organization is made much easier by the pre-printed ID labels that come with the set, helping you to quickly identify their contents.

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Longway Containers


The eye-catching colors of these travel-size makeup containers don’t just look good – they are also great for helping organize your cosmetics into creams, powders, and liquids! They are perfectly designed to prevent leaks and spills, with tightly fitting screw-on lids. I love the fact that these travel makeup containers also have inner liners – this is a feature you don’t see very often and one that gives an important added layer of protection! They are durable, so you won’t need to worry about them cracking, yet still lightweight enough to pop in your hand luggage if required.  The set is made up of 9 pots and 9 spatulas. These little spoons are great for dispensing your creams and lotions and also make refilling the containers a breeze! The containers are BPA-free, so you can be sure that no harmful chemicals are leaching into your products, and their simple design makes them easy to clean. 

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BOACAY Travel Bottles



These TSA-approved travel cosmetic bottles have a very unique and useful feature. Each one comes with a built-in silicone face scrubber or anti-aging face massager, effectively giving you 2 products in one! The scrubber also comes in useful as an exfoliator and is great for cleaning your makeup brushes. Made from high-quality food-grade silicone – a sustainable and safe material – the bottles are designed to be totally leakproof.  Their wide-mouthed design makes it very easy to fill them, then they close and seal tightly, with a leakproof valve giving you added security. The set comprises one 3 oz bottle with two sides for facial massage, plus two 2 oz bottles, also two-sided for facial cleansing. To help you keep everything neat and tidy, they come with a bag for storage and a sticker sheet. Labeling your items is not just useful for airport security, but it also makes it easy to find just what you need. These travel makeup bottles come in four different colors – pink, blue, green, and gray – so it’s easy to match them to your other accessories.

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TeeMocom Thin Cans


Strong and perfectly sized, these travel containers for creams, powders, and salves are made from aluminum, with screw top lids to prevent any spills. There are 14 tins in the set, all 2 oz in size, and each one is completely rounded, with no sharp edges to catch on clothing or other items. Easy to store and stack on arrival at your destination, the number of tins makes this set ideal for bringing small quantities of a wide range of cosmetics with you when you’re on the go. They would be especially useful for things like eyeshadow powders in multiple colors! The size of each tin makes these travel makeup containers particularly suitable for your hand luggage –  in fact, they are small enough to even carry a few in your purse. You could label them with stickers to make organization easier – or, for a fun look, why not use a white Sharpie?

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ZMYBCPACK Round Clear Plastic Jars


This is a great set of travel makeup containers for your checked baggage, consisting of eight 8 oz clear plastic jars. Ideal for skin lotions, shampoos, and bubble bath, the containers are BPA-free and come with foam liners. All you need to do is place the liners into the screw-top lids to create an airtight, watertight seal. This will stop liquids from leaking out and prevent any air from getting in and drying up your cosmetics. Easy to clean, these recyclable travel-size makeup containers are lightweight for portability but strong enough to store your items without the risk of cracking. An added bonus is that these jars come with labels and a pen. The pen is totally erasable and wipes off with just a damp tissue, so you can relabel your containers as often as you need. A handy spatula is also included, which can help you dispense your creams and makes it easy to fill the containers.

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Henscoqi Travel Bottles


Ideal for taking along items like essential oils, skin toners, and more, these travel makeup bottles each have a capacity of  3.38 oz. You get 8 bottles in a pack, each with a double screw thread mouth so you can be sure your lotions won’t leak into your luggage. The recyclable bottles – under 5 inches high – each have a fine spray top, which can be really useful for dispensing things like makeup remover. Another great use would be for hand sanitizer, especially as these bottles are small and slim enough to slip easily into your pocket! An anti-dust cover clips securely on the top, protecting the nozzle from clogging and ensuring the contents are not accidentally sprayed when packed in your bag. Made of plastic, these containers are lightweight enough for travel, but they are designed to be durable and resistant to cracks or dents.

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Bariho Silico Bottles

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This is a fantastic set for when you are on the go! It comes with four travel makeup bottles plus two small travel containers for cosmetics and a toothbrush cover. In other words, pretty much everything you will need for your trip! Approved by the TSA for use in your carry-on luggage, the soft bottles are made from 100% BPA-free food-grade silicone which is incredibly resistant to breakage and sustainable material.  Because they are soft, they are squeezable – just what you need for items like lotions and shampoo! The attractive purple and white containers all fit neatly into their zip-up PVC travel bag and feature a triple-layered structure and self-sealing valve. This stops them from leaking and ensures that the rest of your luggage is protected. This set is great value for money as the differently sized containers make it suitable for a wider range of cosmetic products.

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Qianying Travel Containers


Travel makeup containers tend to focus more on functionality than design, which is what makes these bottles so very special! Approved by the TSA for packing in your carry-on luggage, the 6 travel cosmetic bottles included in this set are made of soft, squeezable silicone, each in a different attractive color with a self-colored pattern. The bottles are around 4.5 inches high, with a cross return valve that controls the flow of liquid and makes them easy to use. They also have a triple layer design, which means they seal tightly and won’t leak their contents, whilst the wide-mouth opening makes them easy to clean and refill. In addition to the bottles, you also get 3 small travel containers for cosmetics like powders or creams, with tightly fitting lids. Each bottle has a capacity of  2.4 oz (70 ml) whilst the smaller jars hold 20 ml, which should be enough to meet all your makeup storage needs for your trip!

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Ammax Travel Bottles


This pretty set of travel cosmetic bottles is TSA approved for carry-on luggage and just what you need for liquids like shampoo and lotions. There are four bottles in the pack, each with a capacity of 3 oz, and their distinctive oval design prevents liquids from getting stuck in the corners. The BPA-free silicone doesn’t just look good – it is lovely and soft which means that it’s easy to squeeze and you can get out every drop of liquid. There is a no-drip cross valve inside the cap which ensures the bottles will not leak and also controls the flow of liquid, so you don’t get out more than you need. Each bottle has a wide mouth opening. This makes them easy to fill, even with thicker liquids like creams, and also means that you can fit a brush inside to clean them properly. These travel-size makeup containers come with a clear zippered toiletry bag which is convenient for packing.

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POLUENTAT Travel Bottles


Filled with everything you need to transport all your makeup and lotions on a trip, this set of travel containers for creams, shampoo, cosmetics, and more is TSA approved. It has loads of handy little items, including 6 soft, silicone bottles in different sizes, 2 spray bottles (ideal for perfume!), 3 small travel containers for creams, and 2 toothbrush covers. But that’s not all – you also get a little ‘trowel’ to help you fill the containers, a funnel for pouring in liquids, a handy brush, and a frosted bag to keep it all in!  This set has a unique and very useful labeling system – you just twist off the lid then use the rotating ring to display a ‘tag’ to help you identify what’s inside. There are 6 different options to choose from, including ‘lotion’, ‘soap’ and ‘shampoo.’. All bottles are triple-layered for security so you can be confident they won’t leak and their soft, silicone construction makes them durable and resistant to damage.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right travel-size makeup containers when you go on a trip is important. All these products will help you travel with confidence, knowing that your toiletries are secure, your luggage is well protected and you’ll have all your essential beauty items to hand when needed.


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