Andaz 5th Avenue Wellness Suites help guests refocus

Andaz 5th Avenue in New York City is helping its guests refocus on their well-being by partnering with hand-selected companies to introduce seven new wellness suites.

“As a purpose-led company, we are always trying to find ways to better care for our guest,” said Will Brandon, director of sales, marketing and commercial services, who was part of the team that created the suites. “The events of 2020 allowed us to refocus and double-down on our continued focus and prioritization of guest well-being. The Wellness Suites were designed to give guests even more control over their well-being while traveling with a suite that is rich in features, from the Lululemon Mirror to sleep science programming and a healthy minibar.”

The partnerships were not only about offering guests exclusive products. “Through a series of carefully hand-selected partnerships, we are able to offer our guests new ways to elevate their well-being journey while increasing exposure for many local brands across the Tri-state area,” said Scott Mason, GM, Andaz 5th Avenue. “Seeing the devastation that this pandemic has brought to many of those businesses has made me very proud to represent a brand like Andaz that seeks to continue to support them.”

The team designed the suites to focus on three landmarks of well-being: Feel (how one feels; emotional + mental well-being); Fuel (how one fuels + powers their body, inclusive of things like food and sleep); and Function (how one moves + functions in work, life and play).


“We promote Feel in the rooms by providing an exclusive living wall to promote creativity and stress relief, a Tibetan sound bowl for meditation, an exclusive partnership with Headspace and eucalyptus-infused bath salts to soothe and energize tired and achy muscles,” said Brandon.

The partnership with Headspace provides guests with complimentary, curated mindfulness and sleep exercises and a Tibetan Singing Bowl for meditation. To also aid guests to get a restful sleep, each of the suites includes an Airweave mattress, a sleep surface technology that was designed for deeper, more restful sleep.

The living wall art piece from Naturalist helps clean the surrounding air, create a sense of well-being, lower levels of anxiety, increase attentiveness and memory, reduce stress levels and spark creativity.

To keep guests energized in a healthy way during their stay, each suite includes a complimentary Wellness Minibar stocked with items selected by the hotel’s executive chef Christian Clark. Among the items in the minibar are a Mason Bar (granola bar, made fresh in-house), Collagen Peptide by Vital Proteins, Brooklyn-based FINE AND RAW Dark Chocolate bar and LesserEvil Coconut Oil Organic Popcorn. Each suite also has a selection of Harney & Son herbal tea.

Guests also have the opportunity to purchase items from the Wellness RX Minibar, including Mighty Gum Immunity Gum; HRBLS Wellness Chews; Vitality Collagen Water; Gwell snack packs that provide stress, energy & immune support; New York-based Jiant Hard Kombucha and Bronx Brewery craft beer.

The property’s in-room dining menu also shares key details with guests ranging from which items are high in vitamin C to those that feature antioxidants.

To keep guests’ active during their stays, each suite includes a Lululemon Mirror Gym with complimentary adjustable weights by Flybird, branded yoga mat and blocks, foam roller and resistance bands to enhance the workout experience. The hotel has also added a new, dedicated wellness concierge service concept to assist guests’ every need.

“We wanted to create a stay experience that spoke to many elements of well-being,” said Brandon. “For some it’s fitness, for others it’s food. We hope all guests enjoy the offering no matter what their personal interpretation of well-being may be.”

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