Access Point Financial appoints Bruce Lowrey chief lending officer

Access Point Financial (APF) has named Bruce Lowrey the company’s chief lending officer. Following the recent appointment of Michael Lipson as CEO, Lowrey’s addition to APF’s leadership team is part of the company’s continued expansion as global hospitality markets continue to improve with more hoteliers requiring flexible financing options to position their businesses towards a successful recovery.

“We are honored to welcome Bruce into his new position as chief lending officer and look forward to leveraging his many years of industry-dedicated expertise towards expanding APF’s market presence and its customer service offerings,” said Lipson. “As more hoteliers implement plans to reopen their doors, APF is proud to have experienced leadership such as Lowrey, who can identify and provide the financial services that today’s hospitality professionals need to reinforce their operations, adapt to new industry expectations and ensure long term business success.”

Lowrey brings more than 30 years of financial experience into his new role, including his noteworthy expertise with commercial real estate investment, as well as with capital markets and the management of CRE operations. Dedicated to serving the financing needs of the hospitality industry since beginning his career, his previous roles prior to joining APF include serving as managing director for Rockbridge Capital. He also previously served as SVP/co-head of the Capmark/GMAC Commercial Mortgage Hospitality Division, where his accomplishments included managing a $2.7 billion capital allocation, along with corresponding profit and loss responsibilities.

“Providing hotel businesses with adequate financial capabilities will be crucial in inching the industry one step closer towards recovery, and I am extremely pleased to be able to fill this vital role as a member of hospitality’s leading provider of lending services,” said Lowrey. “As our company continues to expand its personnel and services as a result of improving market conditions, we look forward to passing on the benefits of this growth on to every APF customer as they seek out flexible investment programs that will ultimately lead to enhanced profitability.”

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