5 Reasons to Visit Northern Minnesota for Your Next Vacation

The state of Minnesota is the second northernmost state in the USA and meets with the Canadian border. It is well known for its culture, scenery, and the nation’s largest shopping mall. From Minnesota’s breathtaking views and outdoor culture to its unbeatable shopping destinations, there is something for every traveller to enjoy. Take a look at these five reasons why you should visit Northern Minnesota for your next vacation.


The Land of the Lakes

Despite Minnesota being a landlocked state, it is commonly known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and is ideal for those interested in boating and various water sports. Some resorts have accommodation overlooking the lakes and provide resort activities all year round. So, whether you plan to visit in the Summer or Winter months, there will be plenty of fun to be had on the world-famous lakes. 

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The Mighty Mississippi River 

Northern Minnesota is where the Mississippi river begins before it travels as far as Mexico. The source of the longest river in the US is at Lake Itasca and at Itasca State park you can see where it all begins. Here at Itasca State Park, which is open to the general public, you can enjoy their various sporting activities such as hiking trails, and the fishing boats that are available for hire. You can even camp at one of the Itasca State Park’s 200 campsites or stay in the historic Douglas lodge if you prefer luxury over landscapes. 

The Ultimate American Shopping Experience 

Mall of America is the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the US and hosts over 520 stores, 60 restaurants, an indoor theme parks such as SEALIFE Minnesota Aquarium and Nickelodeon Universe. To make the experience even better there are more than 400 cost-free events a year that will keep all the family entertained no matter what the weather. Also, Minnesota doesn’t have taxes on clothing, so go crazy!

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

This is one of the most visited spots in Northern Minnesota and provides the best views of Minnesota’s Lake Superior. The picturesque lighthouse was erected in 1910 and offers as much history as it does beauty. Its unique aesthetic is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the US which makes it a must-see resort in Northern Minnesota. 

Visit Duluth

Visit this quaint port city located on the great Lake Superior which offers a range of activities that will appeal to all travellers. The most popular attractions in Duluth include the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Centre and the Lake Superior Zoo. At Canal Park, the gorgeous lakefront views are complimented by unique art galleries, great restaurants, and all kinds of shops. Canal Park is really at the heart of Duluth and is a great place to experience everything that Duluth has to offer. 

Whether your idea of the perfect vacation is an action-packed time in the great outdoors, the busy environment of a modern city, or unforgettable views, Northern Minnesota is the perfect place for your next vacation spot. 

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