4 Photographable Things to Do Around Charleston, SC

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If you’re chasing a little cobblestone charm — here’s a look at things to do around Charleston SC.

I’d only heard good things about South Carolina’s not-so-secret favorite town. Like most — a modern-day romance led me to Charleston: my best friend’s “Last Splash.” No one, and I mean no one, does bachelorettes like Charleston. Take it from a professional traveler who eventually stopped country county counting, Charleston is the Queen of Hearts — she’s the queen of all things bridal, bachelorette, and bachelor entanglements.

With this in mind, here are some darling spots to visit in Charleston. Camera optional, special moments not.

An Antebellum treasure, walk the historic streets of Charleston. Snap a few pics with the pastel architecture. Pack sunscreen, a hat, and walking shoes that can handle the cobblestone.

view 0f Charleston from Hotel Emeline

Every once in a while, I remember that people spend millions of dollars a year on “stay-cations.” Why? Because the best forms of self-care include rest. Staying in for you can be whatever you like — a romantic night with your significant other, a solo spa day, or like ours — a little champagne and a lot of girl time. We really wanted to be present with each other, not just with the town — AND we really wanted to enjoy such a beautiful property!  We stayed at the Hotel Emeline which deserves all of its glory (Travelers’ Choice on Trip Advisor, Four Diamond Award, and oh so many Instagram followers).

staying in to play games and catch up @ Hotel Emeline


how beautiful are the rooms? 

A list of things to do around Charleston wouldn’t be complete without the top foodie spots. Downtown Charleston has so many options. Here were some of my favorites.

Best Restaurants in Downtown Charleston:

  • Frannie & the Fox: I’m biased here because I went more than once. Frannie & the Fox is a hot spot for brunch. It’s also located within Hotel Emeline which made it accessible. And it’s super Instagram-able.
  • Basic Kitchen: healthy eats
  • Felix: great for cocktails!
  • Clerk’s Coffee: quick grab or cute for a sit-down
  • Bistro a Vin: perfect for appetizers, and they do wine tasting on Tuesdays

Frannie & TheFox

Things to do in Charleston SC best restaurants TravelBreak blog

Bistro a Vin

Hear me out — shopping isn’t typically on my travel bucket list. However, Charleston has a unique boutique scene that A). reflects the culture B). makes you want to get a little something nice for someone. It’s perfect for creative gift giving.

Best Shops:

  • The Shops at Charleston Place (a market series making it easy to support locals)
  • Love Shack Fancy: the most feminine, most pink, most floral shop you’ll ever see!
  • Brackish: hand-crafted bowties, jewelry, and more — all embellished with feathers

King’s Street in Charleston, SC

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