Winter Hiking Gift Guide 2022-2023

Winter Hiking Gift Guide

Winter is a great time to gear up and get out for some cold-weather hiking, mountaineering, or snowshoeing adventures. The bugs are gone and so are the crowds, leaving the mountains and the hills to those who can’t live without their weekly dose of sun and snow. Here are expert 20 gift suggestions for the winter hiker and backpacker in your life.

1. Atlas Helium MTN Snowshoes

Atlas Helium Mtn Snowshoe
The Atlas Helium MTN  is a lightweight, tear-drop-shaped snowshoe that has a wrap-around binding, aggressive traction, and a heel bar that makes it easier to climb hills. A Boa binding locks the front of your winter boots in place and while a rear strap keeps them properly positioned. A spring-loaded suspension system lets your foot rotate naturally with slope changes for maximum efficiency. An aggressive toe crampon and dual-side traction rails provide excellent traction on snow and ice. But the best feature of these snowshoes is the weight, which is surprisingly low for such a full-featured snowshoe.

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2. Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody

Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody

The Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody is a highly breathable and lightweight softshell jacket that excels as a wind shirt and protective garment against light precipitation. Ideally suited for cold-weather pursuits, it provides excellent breathability without the weight of a heavier technical shell. Made with Schoeller stretch-woven fabric, it’s perfect for dynamic activities such as winter hiking, mountaineering, ice climbing, or XC skiing you want a highly breathable wind layer with an adjustable helmet-compatible hood, stretch cuffs, and zippered chest pocket. Available for men and women.

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Backcountry | Black Diamond

3. Biolite Headlamp 800 Pro

Biolite 750 headlamp
The Biolite Headlamp 800 Pro is a powerful rechargeable headlamp capable of throwing out a maximum of 800 lumens with a maximum 150-hour burn time, making it ideal for long-range activities like mountaineering, winter hiking, or backcountry skiing when you need hours of continuous performance. It has a massive 3000 mAh USB rechargeable battery, an electronic lock, and red light mode for long-lasting power and maximum flexibility. Its slim-fit construction sits flush on your forehead or attached to a helmet without bouncing or slipping. It can also be run directly from a USB battery (not included), even in extreme cold (-20°C). That’s a rare but very valuable feature for cold weather use.

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4. MSR Reactor Stove System

MSR Reactor Stove System
The MSR Reactor Stove System (stove and pot) is a powerful, windproof canister stove favored by climbers and mountaineers for its fast and efficient snow-melting prowess. Its burner features 2 modes of heat transfer, convective and radiant, to generate maximum heat output and boil 1 liter of water in about 3 minutes. The integrated 1.7 pot has a heat exchanger fused to the bottom and completely encloses the radiant burner, blocking even the most extreme winds while maximizing efficiency, so you need to carry less fuel.

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5. Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Messenger

Garmin inreach mini satellite Messanger
The Garmin inReach Mini 2 is a pocket-sized satellite messenger that can send an SOS message to Search and Rescue in an emergency when you’re out of cell phone range. It can also send email messages and text messages to friends and family, whenever you want to update them or share your GPS coordinates. It has an easy-to-use push-button interface but can also pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth to display GPS maps and navigational information. Weighing just 3.5 oz, it’s small enough to tuck into your pants pocket.

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REI | Amazon

6. Dachstein Classic Boiled Wool Mittens

Dachstein Mittens
Dachstein Extreme Warm Wool Mittens are very warm boiled wool mittens made in Austria that are popular with mountaineers. Made from very dense boiled wool, they’re windproof and virtually waterproof because they’re so dense. When the mercury drops to near zero or below, these are the mittens you want to be wearing. They’re also ideal for people who get very cold hands in winter or who suffer from Raynaud’s Disease.  They’re not itchy at all and can be worn alone or with an outer shell mitt in extreme winter weather.

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7. Sea-to-Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Sleeping Pad

etherlight extreme
The Sea-to-Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Extreme Sleeping Pad is a High R_value (R+6.2) winter sleeping pad suitable for winter camping and backpacking. It’s extremely comfortable with a full 4″ of insulation and dimples which mimic the air-sprung action of a spring mattress. The Extreme includes an inflation sack and is covered with a thick 40d/30d cover for enhanced durability and protection. Men’s and Women’s models are available.

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REI | Amazon

8. NEMO Sonic 0 Sleeping Bag

NEMO Sonic 0 Sleeping Bag

The NEMO Sonic 0 degree down sleeping bag is a spacious cold-weather sleeping bag that can be comfortably used by back or side sleepers. Tricked out with top-of-the-line features such as a taped zipper, zipper draft tubes, and a large draft collar, the Sonic 0 has innovative Thermo-Gills that let you adjust the warmth of the bag without cracking open the zipper and introducing cold drafts. The Sonic 0 is also available in a -20 degree version.

Available from:
REI | Amazon

9. outerU faceGlove

faceGlove diagram
The outerU faceGlove is an ingenious face mask that prevents frostbite on your nose and cheeks while helping to eliminate ski mask fogging. It’s perfect for winter hiking or skiing and covers your nose and upper cheeks, which are the most sensitive to sun and wind damage. OuterU is a cottage manufacturer located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where the faceGlove was developed and is manufactured.

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10. Forty Below Bottle “Boot” Insulator

Forty Below Water bottle Boot
In winter, you need to insulate your water to prevent it from freezing. These Forty Below Neoprene Bottle Boot insulation sleeves are designed to work with 1L wide-mouth Nalgene bottles and can be attached to a backpack hip belt in order to keep your water within easy reach. These Bottle Boots are a favorite with winter hikers and high-altitude mountaineers.

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Forty Below

11. Outdoor Research Prevail Heated Mittens

OR Prevail Heated Mittens

Outdoor Research’s Prevail Heated Gore-tex Mittens are designed for people who get cold hands or need extra warmth on extreme winter adventures. With three heat settings, you can customize the level of warmth to fit your needs;  the low setting provides 8 hours of warmth, the medium setting lasts for 5 hours, and the high setting lasts for 2.5 hours. The mittens are lined with synthetic insulation and have a waterproof and windproof Gore-tex insert that protects your hands from the elements. Note: Do not use this heated glove in conjunction with avalanche beacons.

Available from:
REI | Outdoor Research

12. NEMO Switchback Folding Foam Sleeping Pad

Nemo Switchback Sleeping Pad
The NEMO Switchback is a folding closed-cell foam pad that you can sit on to rest or lay on if you’re injured and waiting for help to arrive. It has a high enough R-value to prevent the cold ground from robbing your body’s warmth and causing hypothermia. Many hikers strap them to the outside of their backpack, especially in cold weather, because it’s considered a wilderness first aid essential to insulate a patient from the cold ground.

Available from:
REI | Amazon

13. CAMP USA Corsa Ice Axe

Camp Corsa 2021-2

Quite possibly the lightest ice ax in the world, the CAMP USA Corsa excels at ski mountaineering, adventure racing, and low-angle glacier travel. Built from 7075-series aluminum for dependable service and minimum weight, Corsa is hardly noticeable when packed. A hot-forged, aluminum head delivers a solid bite, and the rear adze adds chopping power.

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14. Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters

Red Crocodile Gaiters

Outdoor Research’s Crocodile Gaiters are hands down the most popular winter gaiters available today and with good reason, because they are nearly indestructible. and tough as nails for winter hiking and snowshoeing. Their waterproof/breathable Gore-tex uppers will keep your legs dry and warm when plowing through snowdrifts and down winter trails. Heavy-duty velcro front closures provide a secure and adjustable fit while hooks at the bottom assure compatibility with many kinds of boots.

Available from:
Outdoor Research | REI | Amazon

15. SkiPulk Paris Pulk

Paris Pulk
Some winter adventures require a lot of gear, and rather than carrying it, some people drag it into the backcountry on a pulk. Made by SkiPulk, the Paris Pulk is vacuum molded from 1/8″ high-density polyethylene.  Its signature orange color is easy to find in a whiteout. Its wide rims provide torsional rigidity and its design has proven to be effective in hundreds of expeditions and trips from the South Pole to the Canadian Rockies. Each Paris Pulk includes the base sled, secure straps, full-length poles, and channel kit (the channel kit includes the aluminum channels and backing plates, stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers as well as the nickel-plated wirelock pins used to attach our poles to a sled). Wearable harnesses are sold separately.

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16. Reversible Polar Buff

Reversible Polar Buff

The Polar Buff can be worn as a helmet liner, balaclava, mask, scarf, hood, or hat to give you warmth where you need it when you need it. One side is covered with an original Buff while the other is covered with a layer of Polartec fleece to help minimize heat loss. Super warm and comfortable, the value of this item is its versatility in winter conditions.

Available from:
REI | Amazon

17. Feathered Friends Eos Down Jacket

Feathered Friend EOS Jacket

18. Brynje Wool “Fishnet” Long Underwear

Brynje Wool Mesh Thermo Long Underwear has an open mesh-style weave that traps warm air under a mid-layer. Perspiration is very efficiently wicked from your skin to your next layer, keeping you drier and more comfortable. This is especially useful for start-and-stop snow sports where effective moisture management is a top priority. They’re also available in synthetic fabric.

Available from:
Brynje USA

19. Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

The Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra is a necessity for added traction when you’re out hiking on local trails or deep in the backcountry. Their heat-treated carbon steel spikes are strong and durable providing years of use. The elastomer harness ensures compatibility with most shoes and boots and makes the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras easy to get on and off.

Available from:
Backcountry | Amazon

20. Darn Tough Mountaineering Socks

Darn Tough Mountaineering Socks

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