Range Meal Bar Review

Range Meal Bar Review

Range Meals Bars are highly caloric and flavorful meal replacement bars for easy sustenance during calorie-intensive outdoor pursuits. Packing a walloping 700 calories (5.7 oz), these bars contain gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients, ideal for people who have dietary restrictions or want to watch what they eat. They’re also shelf-stable, which isn’t something you don’t see that often with cottage backpacking meals, which expire quite quickly and don’t keep well across hiking seasons.

Range Meals is a very small company based in Bozeman, Montana founded by Zach Hein, an engineering student who got started making his own meal bars for trips with his friends. After graduating, he taught himself how to run a food company with help from the Food Innovation Center at Oregon State University and further education on food entrepreneurship, before securing space at a commercial kitchen where the bars are made and packaged.

Range Meal Bars are dense, but have surprisingly good “mouth feel.
Range Meal Bars are dense, but have a surprisingly good “mouth feel.”

Range Meals currently sells two bar flavors, Alpine Start, which includes coffee, peanut butter, and coffee, and Fresh Tracks, which includes ginger, molasses, and sea salt. Both of these bars are DENSE, which the norm with meal bars, and they’re best consumed with a liter of water. I’ve found the Alpine Start Bar to be a good trail breakfast when you want to get out of camp fast and you can really feel the caffeine when you eat one. The Fresh Tracks bar is good for later in the day, in between lunch and dinner, when you need some extra energy to crank out more miles.

Both bars have a dark and smoky flavor which you’d expect with their ingredient list. Most of the bars’ calories are from unsaturated fats and carbs with a significant amount of potassium in each bar. They also contain milk products and tree nuts, FYI. Here’s a video of Zach, explaining how the bars are made.

Meal bars are of course all the rage these days for people who don’t want to cook on backpacking trips, but I’d caution you against trying to live off them as your only calorie source because you’ll get bored of them pretty quickly. Variety is the key to keeping your tummy and body happy when hiking or backpacking.

I’d encourage you to buy these meal bars directly from Range Meal Bar to help them bootstrap their business. Zach offers flat range shipping and shipping is free for purchases over $50. They’re also available from Garage Grown Gear.

Disclosure: The author purchased this product.

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