Backpacking Gift Guide: 50 Gifts Under $50


It can be difficult to pick good backpacking gifts if you’re not an expert backpacker or hiker. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of great backpacking gifts under $50 to help you get your backpacking friends gifts that they’ll appreciate. If you want to spend more, we suggest giving them a gift card so they can pick out the gear they want.

Backpacking Gifts for $50 or less

  1. Zpacks Titanium Flask: ($49) Weighing just 3 oz, it holds 8.8 oz of liquid. Includes a titanium funnel for refills.
  2. Enlightened Equipment Rain Mitts: ($30) 3-layer waterproof breathable rain mittens.
  3. NEMO Switchback Foam Sleeping Pad: ($50) Ultracompact and Ultralight foam sleeping pad
  4. Trail Designs Caldera Cone: ($35) Ultralight stove system compatible with alcohol, wood, and solid fuels
  5. Sven Saw: ($42) Ultralight folding saw that’s handy for cutting firewood and trail maintenance. Classic design.
  6. Soto Amicus Stove and Cook Set:  ($45) Very powerful canister stove with a cook set that will hold a fuel canister.
  7. MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Canister Stove: ($45) Durable and lightweight folding canister stove. Lasts forever.
  8. Ultralight Pack Cover: ($50) Made with Dyneema, waterproof, and very lightweight. Works with all packs.
  9. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dyneema WP Backpack Shoulder Pocket: ($40) Holds a smartphone, w/ wallet compartment. Waterproof. A backpacker favorite.
  10. Toaks Titanium Alcohol Stove: ($40) Ultralight alcohol siphon-style backpacking stove. Super easy to use.
  11. Gaia GPS Premium Subscription: ($32) One year license to the leading Smartphone navigation app. Priceless.
  12. Ultralight Packing Pods: ($50) Backpack-shaped packing organizers used to maximize backpack space
  13. Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Hat: ($38) Super warm, windproof, Polartec Hat. A classic!
  14. Mystery Ranch Wing Man: ($40) Accessory chest pocket compatible with all backpacks.
  15. Ripstop By the Roll Rain Skirt: ($34) Do it Yourself Kit for making an Ultralight Rain Skirt.
  16. Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug: ($45) Ultralight cook pot which doubles as a bowl and mug.
  17. QiWiz Big Dig Titanium Trowel: ($36) Handmade Ultralight poo trowel that can dig through tough soil.
  18. Emberlit FireAnt Wood Stove: ($37) Folds flat for easy storage in a backpack.
  19. Jetboil Coffee Press. ($35) Turns a Jetboil stove into a French press.

Backpacking Gifts for $25 or less

  1. Opinel No. 8 beechwood Handle Knife: ($17) Beautiful, folding French pocket knife.
  2. Swiss Army Knife Classic: ($17) Smallest Swiss Army Knife with scissors. Thin and lightweight.
  3. Knog Quokka Rechargeable Headlamp: ($25) Very cool LED headlamp with dimmable spot, wide, combo, and red modes.
  4. Tenkara Fishing Pouch: ($25) Minimalist neck pouch that holds a fly box, tippet spools, and tools.
  5. Outdoor Research ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Gloves: ($25) Cooling Gloves for hiking sun protection.
  6. NOLS Wilderness Medicine:  ($15) The best wilderness medicine guide available.
  7. Light My Fire Firesteel: ($20) Compact fire starter designed to light fires in any conditions. Last for 12,000 strikes.
  8. Snowpeak Kettle Cook Pot 1 qt: ($20) Unique stainless kettle with folding handles, fold-down bail, and spout. Perfect for use over a fire or with any type of stove.
  9. Toaks Titanium Windscreen: ($11) Super lightweight essential for alcohol and solid fuel camping stoves.
  10. Luci Lantern: ($25) Solar-powered inflatable lantern. Super lightweight. Good for emergencies too.
  11. Morsel Spork: ($13) Combination fork and spoon, with an edge that strong enough to cut. Awesome.
  12. CNOC Vecto 3L Squeezable Water Bottle: ($20) Compatible with all Sawyer filters. A backpacker favorite.
  13. Possum Down Gloves: ($25) Super warm, lightweight wool gloves from New Zealand. A cult favorite.
  14. Simple Shower: ($15) Ultralight shower kit that connects to soda bottles.
  15. Darn Tough Hiker Boot Cushion Hiking Socks: ($25) Backpackers favorite. Super durable and comfortable.
  16. Nite-Ize BugLit LED Micro flashlight: ($13) Perfect for backpacking and camping. Looks like a bug!
  17. MSR Windburner Coffee Press Kit: ($20) Got a Windburner? You can have coffee too.
  18. Kovea LPG to Isobutane Stove Adapter: ($20) Run your canister stove with propane instead of isobutane.
  19. Norwegian Kuska Mug: ($24) Hand-carved hardwood mug. Clips to your backpack. All the rage.
  20. CuloClean Portable Bidet: ($11) Sounds weirds, but it screws onto a soda bottle. Keeping clean is important on the trail.
  21. Injinji Socks: ($11) Socks with distinct toes that stop hiking blisters in their tracks.

Backpacking Gifts for $10 or less

  1. Swiss Army Knife Replacement Tweezers: ($10) A 6-pack of Swiss Army Knife tweezers.
  2. GSI Outdoor Table Spoon: ($1) The only backpacking utensil you need. Surprisingly great.
  3. Jetboil Fuel Can Stabilizer: ($6) Prevents tip-overs. Works with any fuel canister. Totally worth the weight.
  4. Dr. Bronner’s Soap: ($4) A revelation if you’ve never tried it. The 2 oz size is perfect for backpacking.
  5. Voile Ski Straps: ($6-$10) Flexible straps that have a million and one uses for backpacking and skiing.
  6. Platypus 1L Clear Foldable Bottle: ($9) Incredibly useful and durable folding water storage bottle.
  7. An Assortment of Mini Nalgene Bottles: ($10) Perfect for repackaging lotions for backpacking.
  8. Nalgene Flask: ($9) Unbreakable. Great for sipping whiskey or cordials in camp. 12 oz.
  9. Leukotape P Sports tape: ($9) Great blister prevention tape that is popular with long-distance backpackers.
  10. Nite Ize LED Micro Lantern: ($10) Clips to a hammock ridgeline or to gear loops in a tent.

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